About Me

Hi reader. You have stumbled upon my little blog where I share snippets of my life both in pictures and words. My name is Hweii Chiee. Yes, I know it's tough to pronounce, but don't let it be an excuse for you to not remember my name. :)

Why C H I Q E S S?
Once, my friends and I in high school were trying to think of famous nicknames for ourselves by combining words and our own name.  So mine was "CHIQESS" from combining "Chiee"(my existing nickname) with "Chiq" and "Princess".  (I know... very lame lah, but it was funny at the time.)

The shortest way to describe me: 
An introverted extrovert.

Interests and Hobbies
My hobbies include and is not limited to eating, writing reviews, playing classical piano music, managing GlamTags, online shopping, taking photographs and enjoying nature.

FOOD -  My whole family enjoys food. I'm blessed with a mother who cooks a lot of amazing, on par or sometimes even above restaurant-quality meals at home. My uncles love to bring us out exploring food too. I love to bake (edible results or not.)


GLAMTAGS - Most people don't believe I run GlamTags. Haha it's okay, I don't blame them. :P
After all, I'm not as glamorous and gorgeous as the social media influencers I work with.
I created GlamTags because:-
1. I love designing
2. Be my own boss
3. Pocket money lah.
It's an amazing combination of all three factors above.
I sometimes document my journey here on this blog. Featured before on Bella NTV7 EC Inspirasi, The Malay Mail and various online blogshop reviewers.

MUSIC - I probably listen to more Classical music than the radio. There's something about it that is so soothing to me. My favorite composers are R. Schumann and F.Chopin. My wonderful teacher have brought many students, including myself, to travel numerous parts of the world for piano competitions. I may not be the best piano player out there, but I am incredibly thankful for all the opportunities which shaped me to be the person I am today.

Basic Education background
Primary School: SJK (C) Puay Chai 2
Secondary School: SMK BUD (4)
Cambridge A-levels: Taylor's College Sri Hartamas

And of course, I blog because I love to share - make people drool over the delicious foods I post! Also mainly because I wanted to document my Gap Year. :)
I am heading to Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst to further my studies in Fall 2013.

Thank you for reading!

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