Moshi Moshi, Northampton, MA

With UMass Dining's great food and value meal plan, Kyle and I don't always head out of school for a meal. But since it was Valentine's Day, we just used that excuse to escape the campus for a little bit, and to venture to somewhere a little more fancy... Why not that cute little Japanese eatery near the bus stop at Northampton? :D Northampton wasn't too far for us. Just around a 30 minute bus ride from Amherst, MA.

Moshi Moshi
Northampton, MA.

The restaurant itself is pretty tiny - layout split into two floors, with just two tables which can seat 4 people each, and seats by the sushi bar. The top floor has many more tables, but you had to book in advance. Even on that day, we were just one step early! Many more people came in without a reservation and had to be turned away, but we were lucky enough to score a table. (Wasn't quite the best place though, as it was by the door and winter chills would sway through every time the door opened)


The meal started with their famed Honeymoon Oysters, which is two fresh, raw oysters topped with chopped scallions, roe, uni (sea urchin), ponzu sauce, and a raw egg yolk. It was a phenomenal combination.. super duper silky, with an added bits of roe popping in the mouth. The ponzu sauce added a tangy touch to the otherwise too creamy oyster + uni + yolk combination. I love it!

All bundled up!
Was thinking of getting hot food since it was so cold outside, but my craving for sashimi overpowered that feeling :P

The menu itself wasn't exactly too extensive, but they had the typical selection of sashimi, American sushi rolls, and maybe 2-3 dishes of noodles/teppanyaki dishes. I chose the Chirashi Don ($26), which is the chef's pick of assorted sashimi atop sushi rice, served with pickled ginger, daikon pickles and seaweed salad. For that day, the selection was Salmon, White Tuna, Swordfish, Tuna and Crabstick. Kyle tried raw fish for the first time, and he likes Tuna. Yayy, finally he can eat raw sushi with me. :)

At the sushi counter, the Japanese chefs were pretty friendly and chatted with customers waiting for food for the ground floor area.

Kyle got a safe choice of Teriyaki Beef ($19), served with stirfried veggies and rice. The beef was pretty tender and flavorful, but didn't think it was worth $19. Look at that tiny portion!


It was a pretty fun night out, and I got my sashimi fix! :)
Western Mass doesn't really have many specialty Asian restaurants (Probably not much demand). But I'm glad at least there's a place I can go to if I really want to have some fresh, raw fish. Maybe if I get a car in the future, I would just drive up to New York for some. Hehe.

Moshi Moshi Japanese Restaurant, Northampton
  • (413) 586-5865
  • 4 Main St., Northampton, MA 01060
M-Th 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5pm-10pm
Fri 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5pm-11pm
Sat 12 pm - 11 pm


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