The Big E, Springfield MA

The Big E, a.k.a "New England's Great State fair", is the largest agricultural event in the east, and the 6th largest fair in the nation.
The Big E includes all New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
Being on the board of the International Student's Club (ISC) at UMass has it perks - I get to pick where we should go for field trips! And I think the Big E was a perfect event to go to for international students, as we would get to expose ourselves to the charming New England specialties.

The president had me in charge of the trip. Initially, I was really worried about the response and if we would be able to get enough people to make it happen! We actually had to push the date back from the 14th September to the 27th instead. I guess everyone just decides to register near the deadline... But, we eventually did get a full bus! :D

With the specialty maple products of New Hampshire!

The attractions include:
  • Avenue of the State 
    • Life-size replicas of the six original New England statehouses, including a very large number of vendors selling delicious food traditional and famous to the state.
  • Livestock and animal 
    • Many livestock displays, petting zoos, dog and pony shows.
  • Storrowton Village
    •  Experience New England life from the 19th century.
Warning: Super picture heavy!

UMass school bus bringing us there!
It was a wonderful Saturday, the weather was perfect for going to the fair.
Just so happen that the first football match of the season occurred on the same day, so we had to switch from meeting at Haigis Mall bus stop to the bus stop across from Totman Gym. (Had to walk ALL THE WAY from Southwest to Northeast!) Everyone arrived on time and departed UMass at 11.30am.

All the 38 of the Big-E tickets!

The bus ride took about an hour - most of the traffic was due to the tailgating event at UMass, and the area surrounding the path to Big E from Springfield.

Buses had to be registered to park in the Big E, and I'm so glad they actually have a special waiting space for us! Imagine trying to find a spot for 38 people to meet up... it would be really chaotic.

Roxanneeeeee :)

Hinley, me, Chika, Su Ann, Jackie, Roxanne, Jordan :)

 We checked out "Avenue of the States" first - which is a line of buildings representing the states of  Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. I can't remember if we went to Rhode Island though.

Pulled pork parfait...what?!

Lots of specialties and food all around! Everywhere!!!

It was pretty crowded, but not exactly as congested as I thought it might have been!

Got a smoked salmon on a stick from the Maine house to start.
It was $8.5 or $6.5, I can't remember. Kinda pricey but it was delicious! Moist and flaky smoked salmon.

Pamela, Pearl and Xiao Ling! :)

With Jordan and Roxanne!

All the lobster rolls ♥ 

The blueberry pie that Jackie and Chika shared was really gooood.


Cold Hollow Cider Mill from Vermont.

They were making fresh cider donuts, and it made the entire place smell so divine. Delicious, fluffy donuts!

I loved the texture - super duper fluffy and with the perfect density. But it didn't have the same, strong apple taste as the ones from Atkins Farm at Amherst! And I wish it was coated in sugar haha. It was only $.79 a pop though.

Cute local craft. That glass holder is a pretty cute idea!

Bought some butterscotch!

Bacon smores?!

Lots and lots and lots of cookies!

These cocoa cones were so cute! Bought one for Kyle & I to share.

In "Connecticut".

I'm not a huge fan of popcorn, but these were so addictive!
They're called Kettlecorn. It sweet (caramelized) and also salty, and super crunchy and fresh. I kept grabbing fistfuls of kettlecorn and eating more and more and more...

I've tried this place before while I was in Connecticut. Kyle really likes their banana, orange creme and watermelon flavor (He doesn't actually eat real watermelon tho..).

Watching this machine make taffy was super fascinating... stretching and pulling x 100! I'm not too big a fan of taffy though, as it does get stuck in my teeth after eating it, and it reminds me of Sugus (but more expensive!).

Bought a slice of the multiple awards-winning Chocolate Pecan Bourbon by Michele's Pie from Connecticut back to my dorm! It costs $4 for one slice.

It was really, really delicious but just super sinful. I believe one slice is about 650+ calories? I split it into 3 serves of desserts haha.

Many different varieties of homemade Fudge!

Dippings to savor..

Specialty maple products (syrup, candies, sugar..) from Maple Sugaring in New Hampshire!

I thought these rock drinks dispensers were really cool! And those flower holders as well. All the rocks are natural! They were even selling secret key holders (which were disguised as rocks and had a carved hollow insides!). 

Finally at the Massachusetts building!

Lovely, colorful berries!

Group photo! Taking a lil' break from walking and eating, haha!

New England fresh produce!
All those colorful squash and pumpkins fascinates me.

Cute pigs!

Pumpkin decorating in Fall is a pretty big deal here! The designs were really creative and mostly super cute.

Miniature houses on display!

We met at 4.40pm and head back to UMass at 5pm.

Thank you everyone for making this trip such a success!
Our entire ISC board was so happy (from both being able to make this a full bus - raising $385 for the club, and also having such a fun time there!)

p.s: I promise I'll try to blog more frequently!


  1. It's been a long time since I last visited a show. Seems you can find all types of food on sticks at these events.

  2. You got the wrong kettlecorn! Behind NH has THE best kettlecorn ever!!!! (It says they also do weddings ;) )
    Next time with me!! ;)