Maine Lobster Festival 2014 at Rockland, Maine

Hi lovelies!

It's already only slightly more than 2 weeks until school starts and I can't believe I still haven't update the blog in awhile. I'm sorry :( I have so much to update about, and the pending blog posts just keeps piling up and eventually I'm just like: ...Uhh...

Anyways, here's a full fledged post about the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine which I attended earlier this month!

Ever since I've heard about it (even while in Malaysia!) I've always wanted to attend the Maine lobster festival. Despite having read "Consider the Lobster" by David Foster Wallace during College Writing 112, it didn't quite deter me from the festival, instead it made me just think of the festival and how I wanted to savor those juicy, fresh Maine lobsters.

Of course - this trip would not have been made possible without my wonderful Kyle :) He isn't particularly fond of seafood, but was excited to head to this festival with me and face the long 4.5 hour drive there (and back!). 

The festival spans over July 30 to August 30, 2014, attracting over thousands of visitors and tourists from countries all over the world. When I was checking out the world map they had, there were possibly over 15 pins from Malaysia! :D

We woke up on Saturday (2nd August) at 6am, started the GPS, and head out around 7am.

Along the way we found this little gap in the forest which had a bunch of stones and a gorgeous view of the mountains. Had to make a stop and take some pics! :)

The drive took a more than 4.5 hours though.. there was this junction in Maine that was insanely congested and it probably took over 30 minutes to go through it when it could have been like, 5 minutes?

We also saw a cute little Sunday flea market going on, and decided to pull over and do a little treasure hunting!

There were so many random knick-knacks here..

It wasn't a full vendor turn-out though.. It was raining pretty heavily in the morning, about an hour before we arrived.

Furniture, pots and pans, kitchenware, books, toys, lamps, paintings...

This really weird but cool clock. It was a naked plank of wood with a mechanical clockwork. SO COOL. I would love it a a living room showpiece! Unfortunately, it also costs a bomb. 

Theban script? Uhh...

There was this cool stall which had vintage/90s toys, and there were so many beanie babies! Had to resist getting everything. I wanted to get this bear, but thought it seemed a bit silly of me to (College student with a beanie baby?) But after much hesitation and thinking, Kyle just grabbed and bought it for me.

One thing I totally did not expect of Maine - the abundance of ANTIQUE shops! There's just SO MANY of them.. We passed by many, many shops and most of them were selling either Lobsters (no kidding..) or Antiques. Kyle and I were thinking: "What's next, an antique shop that sells lobsters?"

And guess what..

About 10 minutes from that statement, we found ourselves driving pass a Antique shop selling lobster rolls. ~__~ lol!

Funnily enough, we also made a quick stop at a bakery about 30 minutes from the festival.. as we saw a pokemon board game on the side of the road. I bet the passerbys thought we were weird, picking up all the cards and token thingies by the road. Hahaha! We were already having a lot of fun before the fair. :)

And finally... the Maine Lobster Festival!!!
Private parking lots all around the festival grounds were $10 for the whole day. So expensive! But we were so lucky to have found a public FREE parking spot. :) Came at the right time. We reached around 1pm or so.

Admission was $8 for adults. If we went there on Sunday it would have been free. (But probably also a lot more crowded!)

Festival ground!

Map of visitors!

The menu!

The line was pretty long!
Luckily for us, the volunteers were pretty efficient and we got to our orders in about 20 minutes or so.

Being silly in line. Hehe.

Almost my turn!!!

Beautiful, fresh, wild Maine lobsters :)

We got the Double Lobster dinner ($28), Smoked Shrimp ($7) and Fried Calamari ($7). Was thinking about getting the steamed clams too, but I was sure I could just make that myself at home.


Hehe Kyle.

The lobsters were probably about 3-4lbs each after being cooked. It was SUPER, DUPER fresh and sweet. So worth it!

Each set came with 2 lobsters, a roll, butter, clarified butter, salt & pepper, lemon juice, serviettes and cutlery (which included a lobster pick! Cool!).

The smoked shrimp was pretty good too. Smoky flavor was strong, but not overwhelming the natural sweetness of the shrimp. It was really tiny though, and I don't think it should be priced at $7. The calamari was crispy and okay. It was just alright.

Juicy, fresh, ooey-gooey lobster roe
Kyle thought the gooey innards was way too whacky for him... Well great! I get to eat two then. :D


Salty, fresh sea breeze ~

Lively, happy festival ambience!

Us playing with the props lol.

Besides lobsters as the main attraction, the Maine lobster festival also showcases the various local talents and businesses around Maine. :)

That stand made of shells is so cool!

Real animal skulls!

Lucky rabbit feet?

Adorable prints!

These lobster themed art pieces are so cool. I wanted to get one but they were very expensive. :(

Seafood display!

Scrimshaw. Hand engraved Walrus and Woolly mammoth ivory. Super cool stuff!


Touch pool for kids! There were (bound up) lobsters, starfishes, fishes, shellfish and shrimp. Wanted to touch em but there wasn't a basin nearby to wash my hands after.

"Oh nooooooooo don't cook me!"

Almost 10K pounds of lobsters cooked!

The giant steamer. That area had the most amazing smells EVER. Lobster smells.....

We decided to share a Maine lobster roll($11) afterwards.
Made with 100% fresh Maine lobster meat, Hellmans, fresh lemon juice, sea salt, and black pepper.

It looks great, and was brimming with lots of lobsters!
Unfortunately, I didn't find it all that special as the dressing was a bit bland, and the bread was super limp.

We head home around 4pm, and made a quick stop at a nearby Seafood mart. I took home a pound of fresh steamer clams for only $3.99! So much cheaper than in Amherst and SUPER FRESH.

It was such a fun trip, and I'm so glad I got the right companion to go with me ♥ :)

More updates soon, I promise!


  1. All of these look amazing! I haven't had lobster in ages but you've made me really hungry for it now. I can imagine this festival have healthy food. It's good to see the simplicity of these lobster rolls too and really refreshing to see something made without a thousand and one bits to it and loads of seasonings