Saturday night date

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Last week, Kyle & I went to a funfair held at Amherst commons, then to a family-run pasta restaurant for a yummy dinner date followed by the latest X-men movie at Hampshire Mall's Cinemark. :D

I love playing darts. You see that cutie massive piggy up there? I really wanted that! But you needed something like 21 shots to get it, or $40 to purchase.. which is so not worth it lol.

Got 3 shots out of 3 tries! ;D 

It was a pretty expensive funfair. We had to get 10 tickets each for $9, and they charged per ride. Each ride uses between 3-4 tickets. Since we didn't want to waste the tickets on kiddie rides like ferris wheels/spinning teapots, we went for the crazier ones.

The first one we went to was this cage thing where we could only hold on to a bar and is completely enclosed while the cage flips up and down and sideways and upside down while accelerating up and down OMG. I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack and that 5 minutes felt like forever... maybe should have went for the Ferris Wheel..

Dinner at Pasta E Basta! :)
I've heard many rave reviews from my friends at UMass, and I can see why! This place is so cute and cozy. They have a 3-floor concept going on, whereby the first floor is casual style open-kitchen dining.. you place your order at the cashier and it's more casual. But the top 2 floors are more restaurant style service and decor.

*click to enlarge the menus
All the specials sounded sooooo good.

The complimentary bread was all toasty and fresh out of the oven. That olive oil + basil + sundried tomato + garlic dip was to die for. SO GOOD. I could just go there at eat all the bread with dip for a meal. :)

Hi.. did you miss my face? :) I've gotten more plump since coming to US. Freshmen 15 pounds is real.

After a long, hard decision prior coming to Pasta E Basta, I got the yummy Linguini with Clams ($14), which is basically a Clam Vongole, has fresh clams sauteed in white wine sauce with freshly made linguini. No regrets ordering- it was really good.

Yelp reviews claimed that portion sizes were massive, but I think it was decent. Either 1) I've adjusted to American sizing 2) I was really hungry and the pasta was too good..

The pasta tastes as good as it looks.

Kyle had the "Crazy Alfredo", which was a spicy mix of chicken, salami, roasted red peppers and sausages in creamy alfredo sauce. The menu states using fresh fettucini, but they ended up serving it in angel hair pasta. But he still liked it. It tasted pretty good too! But I really can't detect even the subtlest hint of heat lol.

Those juicy clams <3 p="">
After dinner, we head over to Cinemark to watch X-Men. It was really awesome! Full of suspense and trill, kept me on my toes the entire time. I really miss cheap movies in KL though, at only RM6 on weekdays :( Movie tickets here are $9 each, which is like about RM30+? SOBS.

Will try to update more often!
Btw, I am staying in Amherst for my whole 4 months of summer. Why? I'll update the reason soon!

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