Spring 2014 College Schedule

Hello lovelies!

Updates are coming slow because school's been hitting me hard - there's just so much to study and do. I can't believe it's already been close to 6 months since I've came here. It seems like just a week ago since I've moved into Crabtree Hall, step foot in UMass and see the buildings go from virtual to reality. :)

As an individual, I feel as though I've changed. And all in good ways. I can't help but feel blessed to be given such opportunities to be here, and thank my wonderful loving parents who always emphasized on getting education overseas. I know some people might argue -"It's just a degree!"- but I beg to differ. The learning opportunities isn't limited to just in terms of academics, but also learning about different cultures and way of life elsewhere. I am really lucky and privileged to be given this chance, and I'll definitely make sure to make my college years worth it. And make my family proud.

I love how I get to organize my own schedule here in college lol. The minimum credits you'd need to sign up for is 12, and it can go up to 20 (without special permits). Last semester I took 17 credits, and I'm taking the same amount this semester too.

I actually like my Mondays.
Typically my alarm goes off at 8am in the morning - I wake up half conscious - pick up my phone and scroll down my Instagram feed. (What better way to wake up than to check out pictures of good, drool-worthy food from all over the world?!)
I spend like 10 minutes or so getting dressed and ready, and get head out for breakfast. Or if I'm just not feeling hungry I would eat a banana I have on standby in my room. Lucky for me, my Calc lectures are in Marcus Hall, which is approx. 5 minutes stroll from my dorm. :D

So there's a massive gap in between my first lecture and Nutrition discussion.. I would usually just head for lunch and prepare for my next class.

The classes I'm taking this semester are Acct 221, Nutrition 130, OIM 210, Business Law 260 and Math 127... and a mandatory 1-credit Leadership Seminar.

So after my classes I would usually take a short nap, or go to the library to do homework. I could no longer do those  luxurious 2-3 hour naps as I did in Malaysia lol! I mean I could if I wanted to but I dont want to because it will mess up with my sleep schedule, and I really don't want to be a zombie the next day.

I usually tuck myself into my cozy bed at midnight and update my Instagram and Dayre before falling asleep. :)

It's winter now, and the air gets so chilly it numbs my hands and ears >.< but then it's super duper pretty. Especially when it snowed the night before and the snow is all white and fluffy, shimmering under the sun. Really gorgeous!

Snow piles up so high!

Well I'm not complaining, because this is one of the reasons why I chose a school in New England.. for a true feel of four seasons! And I'm definitely getting it. :P

Oh! If you guys have LinkedIn, do connect with me please!
Thank you. :)

Till more updates.
( I promise! )