Hello lovelies.

Happy 2014!
Sorry for the lack of updates. As you can see, my last post was on the day before the first day of classes! And now, my first semester has went by - that's how crazy hectic it was.

My blog post backlog is insane right now...it makes it so hard to just start. I need to get that blogging mojo again.

Anyways. I am now at Yiyi & Uncle Jame's house in San Jose, California for Winter break. A good way to escape the crazy New England winter + snowstorms haha! Not that I don't like snow, but it really gets uncomfortably cold outdoors back in college.

Which reminds me; on the first day it snowed, I planned to have dinner with my dear Malaysian friends from Smith College.. and of course, I had to bring them to UMass's fanciest dining hall (and show them what Princeton Review's  3rd place Best College Food is all about!) at the recently renovated Hampshire DC. It's like about 25 minutes +- walk from my dorms. I really don't mind the walk. That afternoon was rather sunny and kinda warm so I walked there (in the evening) wearing ballet flats. Yes, BALLET FLATS. Huge mistake.
Amidst the yummy dinner, we suddenly catch people staring outside and found out..... First snow fall of the year!

But then, the snow stopped right after our dinner. :(
Nevermind then, walked the girls to the bus stop for them to catch their ride back to Smith.
After they went back, Su Ann and I head back to our dorms together.... and it snowed halfway. Su Ann kept cursing me for not taking the bus. T___T

It was super pretty and magical when it happened though. Fluffy, white snow falling from the sky! I was being super jakun and everything without thinking much about my lack of thermal protection. After taking some 2387627816421 photos, I realized I couldn't feel my feet anymore.
And ears.

Here's some pics!

Bought a pair of NorthFace snowboots at Marshalls for about $69.99. Despite it being 60% off original price, it's still really expensive. :(

The day after first snow fall. Mostly melted.

Look at that duck standing on the frozen part of the pond!
I don't understand why the ducks and geese are still there.. Shouldn't they have migrated weeks ago?

UMass's Old Chapel and the World's 2nd tallest library :)

That's all the updates for now.
I really do miss blogging. I feel like I have so much to share about my life abroad.. and also for my own reference in the future. 

Thank you dearies for sticking around all these times. You know who you are. ;)

Lots of love!


  1. so beautiful darling!! i cant wait to visit you real soon!!!!!!!!and loving the boots!! and Happy 2014 too..I have been lazy writing blog too!LoL trying to get back the blogging mojo i used to have lol!!!!!

  2. That first shot is gorgeous. I bet you'll appreciate those boots in the cold weather.

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