First week of college

The campus may stretch over 1463 acres... but I think... the longer I stay here, the smaller it becomes.
Walks to my classes are really scenic, and I guess it wakes me up. (Provided that I wake up on time!)
There's lots of pretty trees and flowers everywhere, and always cute squirrels scurrying about to be seen. :3

Summer is coming to an end, so I need not endure the blazing hot sun and humid weather.
The wind is getting stronger though.. temperature is dropping.. Fall is here :D
I can't wait till the leaves turn orange. Surely it'll be such a pretty sight!

So. An update.
I decided to drop Computer Science. I was told that it was a "Either you get it - or you don't" kinda class...and I don't get it. Everything on the board was alien to me. Never have I felt so lost in class! It's ironic though, because most of the family members on my mom's side majored in Computer Science.

I'm taking History of Jazz now. It's supposed to fulfill the "diversity" and "art" component of the Gen Ed.s
The textbook + CD costs a bomb though.. USD130++ for renting the book and buying a used CD.
Actually, most textbooks here are insanely expensive. Each subject would probably set you back about 50USD at the very least -  for used books - or it goes up to 200USD ++.

My laptop is arriving in about a week's time! I can't wait to finally post up pictures and stuff.


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