Uncle Jang (Dak-Galbi), Solaris

Back in 2011 when I was studying A-levels in Taylor's Hartamas, one of my Korean classmate brought us all (classmates) out to Uncle Jang for Dak-Galbi! :)
Before that, we had no idea why he brought us up to the top floor of the restaurant where there were huge pans everywhere haha. Thought it was perhaps a barbeque place.

Occasionally when the craving hits, or we have a specially long 3-hour break, sometimes my classmates and I will take a 5 minute drive to Uncle Jang to satisfy our Dak-Galbi cravings. Besides, when shared, it's pretty affordable. Especially compared to the expensive food at Hartamas Shopping Centre.

Uncle Jang Solaris is located at the same row as Maybank. :)
You'd need to take an elevator to come up. I'd suggest parking inside the SohoKL building because parking around Solaris is insane (especially during office hours!)

There is around 15 or so tables at the restaurant. Everyone is equipped with an apron lol.
You can choose to wear it on while eating or not. I'd suggest wearing it if you're clumsy (like me!) because the reddish sauce might splat when you're taking a scoop or something haha.

Click below for Uncle Jang Solaris Menu :

Every table will be provided (free-of-charge) with a bowl of sweet pickled onions, a plate of lettuce, some spicy bean paste, raw sliced garlic, kimchi (not pictured) and a bottle of water.

They used to give a tangy, icey pickled radish soup back in 2011, but recent visits shows otherwise.
I love the pickled onions! Helps cut out the greasiness for a bit,

For 3 people, we ordered a portion of 2, which is 1:1 Normal and Spicy.
That would be the best combination because full spicy is REALLY spicy.
I can take the heat, but it's not very pleasant because every mouthful is just pure chili.
A half-half ratio would be best! :)
(1 part spicy @ RM22, 1 part non-spicy @ RM19)

Serving is pretty big so normally I would order a 2-people portion for 2 or (during my college days) a 5 people portion for 8.

Most people would opt for SARI (instant-ramen noodles).
I have personally tried both the ramen noodles and rice option, and the ramen noodles beat the rice hands down! Rice was a little too soggy for me and does not really have much of a wok-hei charring.

Loving the cabbage!

A mixture of sliced cabbage, sweet potato julienne, chicken chop bits and chewy rice cakes is stirred and cooked in front of you.

Adding it in.. stir, stir!

Prepared right in front of you.

It should take around 20 minutes or so for it to be completely cooked.

Smells amazing!! :)
The seemingly huge portion of cabbage will appear to have shrunk by half lol.
When the dak-galbi is ready to be enjoyed, the server will inform you.

Bouncy ramen noodles (evil, guilty pleasure!) with juicy chicken chop bits, cabbage etc. 
Doused in the very yummy Korean chili paste hehe.

I'd suggest having it wrapped in the lettuce provided with a dallop of that bean paste and pickled onion (my Korean friend said that's the way it's supposed to be eaten) :D

According to my latest visit at Uncle Jang Solaris :
* RM19 (Normal 1 portion) + RM22 (Spicy 1 portion)
+ RM16 (Ramen Sari double portion)
= RM 57 for 3 people

and since both of my friends are pretty small eaters, I'm pretty sure this amount can feed about 4 people lol. Quite reasonable for Korean food! :)

According to a Malaysian blogger living in Korea, she said that Uncle Jang actually taste better (suits Malaysian tastebuds) compared to the Dak-Galbi in Korea. I haven't tried Dak-Galbi there before so I can't make the comparison haha.
Uncle Jang (Dak-Galbi), Solaris

No 11-3 & 13-3 (Third Floor), Jalan Solaris 1
Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 03-62112536  |  FB PAGE

Business hours:
Mon : 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm / 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Tue : 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Wed – Fri : 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm / 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sat – Sun : 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm


  1. I think I'd go for noodles over rice as well.

  2. That's a whole load of noodles to swallow! Looks value for money also! Congratz once again on the full page spread darl =)