Yama & J Buffet Dinner, Jaya One

My family and I went to Yama & J Japanese Fusion Sushi buffet at Jaya One to celebrate dearest Wei-nee's birthday ^^

Yama san has more than 27 years of experiences in the sushi industry and has been mastering his skills abroad on how to make perfect sushi. He has been to many fast-paced country, observing 20 chefs in five years, and he slowly noticed that fusion is gaining more and more popularity and it can be easily embraced by everyone. He later decided to stand out from the traditional way of eating sushi (with just soy sauce and wasabi) by manipulating the sauces to create a different and outstanding sauces out of his creativity. 

I've heard a lot about Yama & J! Reviews has been pretty mixed though. But we were excited to try out the place nevertheless. :)

A very pretty display of the sashimi available. Salmon, White Fish, Tuna and some tamago by the side. The good thing is that they refill it very often, so you can be sure that the fish has not been lying there for a long time. :) 


Pretty presentations of fusion makis, sushi rolls...

 Edamame, Fried Salmon heads ...

Cold Wakame Salad with ebikko and Chuka Idako aplenty... 

Unique spicy chili + lime dip to compliment the mussles.

They are really generous with the ebikko and salmon.

This particular sushi deserves a photo on it's own!
I  really loved the fresh, raw scallops with ebikko and japanese mayo sushi. 
The scallops were really fresh and the pairing was quite addictive :D Yum!!

Some hand-pressed sushis and the various dips to choose from!

The buffet isn't limited by just what's on the counter.
You could also choose from their award-winning menu of fusion sushis and dishes!

Here's the Yama & J, Jaya One Menu
* Click to enlarge *

The ones included in the buffet were the ones without the green sticker. A pretty huge selection, right?

We ordered about 6 dishes as recommended by the friendly waiter. :)
Have to comment that they are VERY filling!! 
So don't be too greedy and order too many, especially when you feel like having most of your sushi craving fixed by what's at the counter beforehand.

On my plate!

Out of all the dishes, my favorite was the Seafood Martini! :)
The sauce was really unique, somewhat limey yet creamy. Have the combo mixed well and eat with the salad beneath the pile of sashimi and it's really delicious.

I'm generally not a fan of sushi rolls so I can't really comment much.
But I can understand why the fusion sushi did well in New York - the americans love sushi rolls!
And Yama & J pretty much serves it in that style, smothered in special sauces and creatively decorated. My family are mostly sushi purists though, so they did not enjoy it as much.
But if you're seeking a change from the usual sushi rolls without compromising the quality of the ingredients, Yama & J would be a place to consider. :D

Dinner was bought via Groupon voucher at only RM38 per person :)
Drinks was not included, but at a very basic cost of RM2 per green tea etc.

The normal price is also very affordable at
RM48 (Lunch)
and RM68 (Dinner).

Yama & J Fusion Buffet
M-6-1 Palm Square
Jaya One
Jalan University
46200 PJ
*Above Starbucks at Palm Square

Opening Hours: 11.30am - 1am

03-79317372 / 016-381-8896



  1. that seafood martini does look tasty!!

  2. I think the price is reasonable and it's so near my place! :D Definitely gonna give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're very welcomed! They have many promos now and then, have to check updates. I think there's one on Livingsocial now too. Cheers :)

  3. may i knoe does this charge extra when ordering in the menu?

    1. Most of the dishes are included, except those with the green sticker tab on the menu attached above. :D

  4. I didn't knew that jaya one has this kinda buffet.. have to go and check it out already. :)

    1. Haha yup, pretty well hidden! But can spot it near the Starbucks/Brussels square :)

  5. The price is SOOOOO affordable! We have to pay like more than Rm100+ here in Penang in order to get that kinda buffet spread. I like the way they prepared the salmon sushi, not too big, just good enough for a bite!

    1. Haha awwh. But hawker food in Penang is amazing! Guess it's a compromise :P Come down KL and feast on buffets! Yup, bite sized. Good for sampling during a buffet. :)

  6. Lovely review. Thanks.CHris

  7. I was wondering welhethet they are serving any cooked food!? Saw all sashimi only ?