TOUS Les JOURS Malaysia, Bangsar

I've seen Tous Les Jours before in my memorable trip to Korea in 2009, and then in Vietnam this year again. The Korean-owned bread franchise is somehow very recognizable worldwide!

They recently opened their first franchise in Malaysia at Bangsar :)

Before dropping by Number76 for my haircut with Amy, I got a quick breakfast with my brother at Tous les Jours. Both shops share the same building (Telawi Square).

I opt for the Cream Cheese Danish (RM3.90) and my brother had the Sausage donut (RM4.20).

Drinks available.
 The bakery boasts an extensive selection of breads and pastries.

It was pretty difficult to decide which to have for breakfast as most of them looked so good! :)

I liked the crispy, flaky danish I had, but would appreciate if the cream cheese filling was more spread out instead of just getting a thick clump in the middle.
My brother's Sausage Donut was something unusual.. instead of the usual bread bun it was donut. The dough kinda reminds me of deep fried mantau that goes with crab dishes in chinese restaurants. F
Cornflake coatings added a crunchy bite to the bun, but I'm not really a fan of it.

After our haircut and lunch (save for another post), uncle, cousin and I went back for teatime.
Hehe, family of foodies. :P

Thought of choosing some cakes but somehow the pastries looked more appealing! :)

We decided to get the Kaya Pastry and Pulut Donut (!?). :D

Pretty pastries!

The Kaya pastry didn't really taste like kaya though.. I think it was lacking pandan.
Tasted more like coconut jam. The pastry was very flaky though!

The pulut donut is something worth coming for.
Nice resistance to the bite, not too sweet.Coated in sugar.
Kind of like the mochi-textured doughnut by Mr.Donut.

We loved it!!
(as you can see, I couldn't even take a full photo of it before someone took half the donut away...)

Some coffee to go with the tea time snacks..

Peeking at their work kitchen behind the glass...
I've never seen so many ovens in one bakery!

Croissant and danish for takeaway :)

TOUS Les Jours Malaysia, Telawi Square Bangsar
Address: Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 7am-10pm daily.


  1. very interesting bakery with a lot of choices, hope they are coming to Penang real soon :)

  2. hi, is there by any chance you have their contact number or email?

    1. Sorry I don't. Perhaps you could check out their facebook page here :)

  3. I've been wondering how that place is.

    1. A final verdict from a visit to the shop...soon? ;)