LAMMEEYA @ Publika

I love heading to Publika nowadays. Not only is the place super amazingly artsy and quaint, but there is also loads of hidden restaurants and cafes all over, including LAMMEEYA.

LAMMEEYA is a restaurant under the Attanggo Group, which also carries Kissaten. News that Kissburger (Damansara Uptown) and Bangoya (Kissaten Jaya One - Rooftop) will be opening too.
Kissaten High-tea will be introduced this month - part of the surprises lined-up in July!

In Publika, LAMMEEYA is slightly more hidden from the main stretch of food restaurants.
You might have stumbled upon it before there (like me) or probably not spot it. From the entrance from Ben's, it's the one of those restaurants facing the stage square where events are held :)

Despite their very "exclusively-Lam Mee" sounding name, this cozy restaurant has a lot of other dishes to offer. Thanks to a very personal invitation by the restaurant and Nuffnang, here is the review of the star dishes! :D

First of all, let's go through the menu.


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First up, we have the Boiled Soups.
- Ginseng RM12.80
- Others RM8.80

I'm not very much a soup person. But I do think soups are incredibly comforting when I'm sick, especially when my mom puts in so much effort in boiling it. (Her ABC soups are the best!) :)

My picks would be the ones on top, which is the  
Lotus Soup 莲藕汤 (RM8.80) and ABC Soup ABC 汤 (RM8.80)
The Lotus Soup..well, because I love lotus hehe. But they're such a hassle to cook, with all the cleaning and such. The ABC soup reminds me of my mom's albeit much more clearer.

Soups are such a hassle to cook, it's great to know you can find home-styled, comforting soups from LAMMEEYA and just pop by to enjoy after a long day at work. :)

Rice Dishes
- Bonito & Oyster Porridge RM16.80 (2 pax)
- Individually-steamed White Rice RM2.80
- Individually-steamed Lard Rice RM3.00

This is probably one of the most flavorful porridge I've ever eaten. You definitely do not need any side-dishes to go with it. Salty-sea taste is definitely evident from the Bonito flakes and dried oysters. A nice change from the usual fish porridge.

What I like here in LAMMEEYA is that all rice pots are individually steamed, lending a very fluffy texture to the rice. Most of the Tastebuddies preferred the lard rice (myself included), and we helped ourselves to the tantalizing spread of individual dishes which awaited....

Yummy yummy!

This spread gives a very lovely, home cooked feel to the table. :)

Sesame Oil Ginger Pork (RM 10.80)

Steamed Brinjal with Sweet & Sour Sauce (RM 8.80)

A whole steamed brinjal topped with minced chili and pickled onions on a bed of fried shallots.
I think it's great to have this as a contrast to our porky spread.

Steamed Pork with Salted Fish (RM 9.80)
I found this incredibly appetizing! :)
Well, of course, the combination of pork belly and salted fish is a classic and can barely go wrong.
Served hot, it's great to have with that lardy rice.

Ginger & Wine Omelette (RM8.80)
The omelette is something a little more unusual compared to the usual egg servings found in restaurants, as the use of wine is more expensive. Other than in a chicken dish, I've never tried any other style of cooking ginger & wine. Some of my friends found it too sweet, but I think it's something different to try.

Deep-fried Salted Egg Squid (RM13.80)
Deep-fried salted egg squid is exclusively available to the LAMMEEYA in Publika.
I found the batter a bit too hard to my liking though. It would be nicer if it was a little lighter and crispier.

When I told my uncle I was heading to LAMMEEYA, he told me to try their Pork Leg with Vinegar as it's pretty good. Well he was right! Taste-wise it was delicious, but in terms of texture it wasn't the best.. I think I took the tougher part of the leg lol.

Assorted steamed pork
Ah.. All the steamed pork. Perfect with rice.
If there was winter in Malaysia, I'd have my fill everyday.


What's a visit to LAMMEEYA without their signature Lam Mee?
This Lam Mee has thick mee, shredded chicken, prawns, pork balls, cabbage, fried onion and spring onions, covered in gravy.
To be honest, I am not a big fan of Lam Mee itself, as it's mostly about the thick noodles and thick, starchy gravy. Nevertheless it is quite tasty, and would make for a filling meal.

Duck Egg Char Keow Teow (RM10.80)

Duck Egg Char Keow Teow
was okay to me, but nothing really impressive. The noodles were very bouncy and thick, but the noodles were a bit too "wet" for me. The duck egg used makes it very fragrant though!

Soya Sauce with Oil Cheong Fun (RM6.80)

Soya Sauce with Oil Cheong Fun was simple fare. It could be appraised for it's simplicity and freshness, but I guess it's just not for me. I like mine with sweet sauce.

To round up our meal:

I love my juice combo!

LAMMEEYA has an amazing variety of fresh juice combinations on the wall, so do check em all out! I really, really loved my pick D37. It was a blend of Lychee, Celery and Pineapple. Who would have thought it would turn out well? :D
My friends loved their juice too!
Best thing is that - absolutely NO ADDED SUGAR. :)

Coconut and Charsiew Buns

Ice Kacang RM7.80
Chendol RM6.80

Not the best I've had (the Ice Kacang had way too much nuts!)
.. but I guess it would be good to round up your meal with something sweet. :)

LAMMEEYA Solaris Dutamas  Exclusives:

  • Fried Marmite Chicken
  • Sweet and Sour Spanish Mackerel
  • Deep fried Salted Egg Squid
Address: A4-G2-07, Level G2, Solaris Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Call: 03-62063835 
Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm
FB | Website
Other outlets: 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Damansara Uptown, Paradigm Mall, Empire Shopping Mall.


  1. Your pictures are so bright and clear, makes me hungry all over again! :)

    1. Hehe thank you Sue Ann! :3
      Time for a midnight snack then xD

  2. Interesting choices of food! Oh... pork lard with rice *faints*, not a fan of lards :P

    1. Sinful pleasure.. just a hint of it :D
      Too much also not good xD