ADORE Macttalic Contact Lens Review

* Disclaimer * I might have worked for ADORE as a contact lens promoter before, but this post not sponsored, not commisioned and is my very own completely personal and honest review.

Before I accepted the job as the promoter, I've been wondering about their contact lens.
The dominating color contact lens companies in the Malaysian market were FRESHKON, FRESHLOOK, BLINCON etc. Before this I have only heard of Adore once, and it's for their signature ADORE DARE series which are known for being 3-month colored contact lens with a very pretty pyramid contact lens box.

Anyways! I was given a pair of Adore Macttalic Contact Lens (Hazel) to wear throughout the promotion period (12 days).

Given the choice, I would have picked their more-natural Imagene range of contact lens instead though. The wear time was from 9.30am to 10pm ish.
So yeah, that's over the recommended contact lens wear time.

The only photo I have came across for people wearing Macttalic was this photo:

Only one lol.

Well basically Adore is a relatively new contact lens company in the Asian market, but is reputable and know in the European contact lens scene. There is a few reviews online for the other ranges, but those wearers mostly have light, mat-salleh eyes.

Manufacturer: EYEMED Technologies Malaysia
Material: HEMA + MMA + NVP
Color: Hazel
Moisture Content: 55%
Lens Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Disposable: Monthly
Country of origin: Italy

My eyes are really dark, dark brown btw.
In normal lighting it looks black.

Anyways here are some pictures.

The limbal ring isn't very solid - a good thing for me.
Solid limbal rings brings to mind those really unnatural cosplay-like korean cosmetic lenses. Which I'm not a fan of. These aren't very thick, so it's less fake looking.
It's labelled "Hazel", but the color has an almost greenish-tinge and some red flecks within.
When worn in natural light, some might think it looks almost olive-green instead.

I think that the contact lenses look VERY pretty in flash photographs. ^^

The lenses in flash. I love the pattern!

The lenses in flourescent lighting.. looks olive green-ish.

The lenses in full sunlight. Very shocking right! Haha.
* no makeup on as I just woke up *

Hnmm, it's a little ghostly in florescent light though.


DESIGN: Generally I'm not someone who likes to wear bright and bold contact lenses, so I wouldn't wear it normally. But I think it looks amazing for photoshoots or if you're a fan of  "loud" colored contact lenses. The color is very pretty in flash photos!
Note: You must wear makeup on wearing these lenses (or any colored contact lenses), or it'll look weird. As per my direct sunlight lens picture.

COMFORT: Having worn these contacts for such long hours (from 9.30am to 10pm ++) every day for the promoter job, they were surprisingly VERY comfortable. Of course, I wouldn't recommend you to wear any longer than 8 hours. I think these were actually even more comfortable than my Bosch and Lomb monthly contacts.

PRICE: Being manufactured in Europe, the prices are definitely more expensive than the typical contact lens. But on promotion, the contact lenses are competitively priced at RM120 for 3 boxes during the roadshow, which is the same price as the Freshkon's range of contact lenses (without the freebies).
Normal price for each would be RM70.

You can buy ADORE Contact lenses in Malaysia at Focus Point, A-Look and Pro-Eyes outlets.


  1. These look really pretty! I've tried the ADORE DARE series before, and the colours are really bright. They're also pretty comfortable and don't break easily (i *always* tear Freshkon/Freshlook contact lenses after a few wears, no idea why T__T)

  2. I'm a fan of loud colour contact lenses but it's so hard to find those with astigmatism! There are but it will be pricey (Blincon)... I really love your choice of contact lens, it suits matsalleh! =P

  3. Great blog post, thanks for sharing it here !

    You look great with color contact lens

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )

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  5. ADORE Macttalic Contact Lenses series is really amazing and adorable too. Those suits well on your pretty eyes and compliments your style statement.

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