Visiting Petaling Street (KL Chinatown) as a tourist

Hahaha can you believe that, despite having over 18 years of existence in KL/PJ, Adrian Loke and Amanda Leow has NEVER visited Petaling Street? Haha major fail la, how to bring their foreigner friends like that? :P

Anyways! I had the pleasure to bring these two around. :) 
Our initial plan was for Adrian to bring us in KL, but knowing KL's horrendous traffic, we ditched the idea and went for public transport instead (LRT).
My mom sent us to the Taman Bahagia LRT Station and we head to the Pasar Seni stop, which took no longer than 30 minutes. So convenient in a way! :)

Petaling Street is really near the LRT Station. Just a couple of rows behind the shoplots.

Typical tourist shots LOL.

We were pretty hungry so we went to our first stop in a rush lol.

Entrance to the wet market

The morning wet market curry laksa and assam laksa :3

There were actually a few of the same stalls selling both of those laksa, so we weren't too sure which to go for. (Forgotten la. I only remembered there being one!) We ended up deciding on the one which seemed the most busy. It was the one with outside seating. Pictures below for your reference.

It was bustlin' with people and we were super lost choosing what to eat!
Wanted to try the Yong Tau Foo there too (look at the line!) but ended up deciding not to, as we wanted to save more space for other goodies. The old looked really dark too lol.

This is the stall we ate at:-

The smell was suuppeeeerrr nice.
Crazy fragrant smell of curry.
We were trying to decide whether to get Assam Laksa or Curry Mee but we got both LOL.

The Assam Laksa had a really sour, pungent punch with strong hints of tamarind paste. The fish used was canned mackerel so there's no need to worry about fish bones. It's a pretty generous bowl for RM5! Very appetizing. I liked it a lot. Some might find it too strong though (overwhelming the senses with sourness, spiciness, fishiness etc)

The curry laksa was nice, not too thick. Very fragrant! (Which brought us that stall in the first place). I liked how they had pork skin to it. Super spongey. Look at the picture! THAT TEXTURE IS AMAZING. It soaks up the soup and kinda resembles fish maw. Other than that, the toppings include bean sprouts, long beans, tofu puffs and blood cockles.

Cute looking vintage houses
Spotted this guy breaking ice for vendors. So old school!!

After the spicy meal, we felt kinda thirsty and went for the old-school Air Mata Kucing.
Deciding between soya bean milk or this.

Famous Soya Bean Milk

We ended up going for the air mata kucing because Adrian and Amanda did not tried it before.

I think both stalls are equally as famous. I know for sure that the soya bean stall has been around for 60+ years. Not very certain about the air mata kucing though.

Always my favorite here.
Super refreshing!! :)

Then nearby, we spotted MuaChi!
Made by an old lady.. must be authentic. Haha! :)
I didn't want any (not a big fan of mua chi) but I tried one and it was pretty nice. But reaaaally stuffing for sure.

After walking around for a bit, we found the famous Chee Cheong Fun! :)
It's not very far from the center. Very near the famous fish porridge.
( I think pretty much everything is famous in Petaling Street lol. )

They only have 3 flavors: Sweet sauce, Spicy or mixed.
We had the mixed, which was recommended by the guy there.

It was as good as I remembered :3
Super silky and the sauce is sweet and very mildly spicy. Sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds which added some depth to the chee cheong fun.
Only RM3 a plate! So cheapz right. A pretty decent serve too.

Oh, and when you're here, don't forget to buy the home-made kaya sold outside.
It's really THE BEST Kaya in Malaysia. Period.
When I brought it home, my mom was like, "Why didn't you buy more??"

Picture from my Instagram @chiqess
We also found the famous duck skin wraps + roast duck stall :3
Can't remember the exact location lol.

Adrian also bought some of these fluffy bread back for his mom.
I can't remember the name though. Lol.

Petaling Street is pretty small btw. After about half an hour or so, we kinda covered the whole place. (that looked interesting, at least)

Found a wholesale hair accessories shop nearby.
Bought some hair bands and clips. ( Sorry to bore both of you tee hee. )

Thick neon hair bands x 100, black hair bands x 100 and those clips only came up to RM22 omg.
So cheapz. I think I have enough hair bands for uni life LOL.

Traffic was pretty good, so we caught the free bus to KLCC from Pasar Seni. :)
There's WiFi on board too. So convenient!

Heh. Sweaty and bare. Walked a lot!!

We then walked to Pavilion using the walkway bridge :D

 Taking pics like tourists heh.

We jalan-jalan around and walked to Tokyo street..
Then we went to Fahrenheit88 to collect Adrian's free diving mask.
( He won it through a Facebook share-and-win competition. SO LUCKY! )

After that, we head to Thirty8 at Grand Hyatt hotel for #TaiTaiTraining teatime.
Updates about that soonest in my next post!


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