Seapark SS21's Famous Bumbung Night Nasi Lemak

I've not actually heard of this Nasi Lemak place in Seapark until my friend told me about it.
One evening, my cousin who's back from the States, uncle and mom went there to try it out! :)
The location is right next to the Maybank at Seapark.

We went there about 6.45pm-ish or so. Before the full crowd la (and we were starving!)

Frying the eggs!

This stall is really specialized. They ONLY serve Nasi Lemak with fried egg and Fried Chicken/Lamb. The day we went they didn't have lamb so we all had fried chicken that day.
Oh, and they do sell fried Ibumie (Ibumie Goreng RM2.50) but we didn't go for it because it has nothing in it. No veges, no meat etc. Just plain ol instant noodles, fried.

The place is located at an alley-way. There's many fans on the walls so it isn't as stuffy as it looks.
No rats in sight. Whewwh.!

Four of us tucking in!

I ordered Teh limau ais and my cousin had Milo ais. :D
We had a plate of Nasi Lemak with fried egg each, and a 3-people serve of chicken.

Basic Nasi Lemak with fried egg and fried chicken (RM4.50)

So basically the plate comes with Coconut Rice, Ikan bilis sambal, roasted peanuts, fried ikan bilis, sliced cucumbers, and a sunny side-up on top.

I liked how the egg wasn't fully cooked. You could burst the yolk and let all the yellow gooey creaminess run over the nasi lemak. But I do wish that it was more "fried". Like, with all the oily ruffled edges a good deep-fried egg posses. The sambal was sweet and runny, and tasted nice with the use of ikan bilis. I wish that it was thicker though, and for them to give us bigger servings of it!
All 4 of us had like 2 extra servings of Sambal each. It could be just us la cause we like sambal.
The rice was okay only la. Not super fragrant with coconut milk as I'd hope it to be. But it was nice that the grains did not stick together.

Crunchy fried chicken.

The fried chicken batter was definitely different. It had a crunchy coating that reminded me of Murukku lol. Perhaps it could be their secret ingredient - Murukku flour as their batter? The insides however, weren't thaat flavorful to me. It was very moist though!

We ordered another serve of fried chicken with the same portion size for second round, and two extra fried eggs. Total bill inclusive of everything (drinks included) was only like, RM29.
When split for four, that's like RM7.25 each? LOL.

It's really cheap, but my mother didn't enjoy it and I think it was only OK-la.
The place is extremely popular at night though, so if you'd like to come here I think before 7pm would be a good idea.

Bumbung Seapark PJ( at Restaurant Sun Fatt Kee )
Jalan 21/11b,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open: 6pm till 12am everyday.
Tel: 016-4939204
GPS Coordinate : N 3 06.574 E 101 37.348

Maybank at Petaling Jaya’s Seapark (SS21)
Maybank at Petaling Jaya’s Seapark (SS21)
Maybank at Petaling Jaya’s Seapark (SS21)

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