My Elephant Thai Restaurant @ SS17, PJ

I've heard about My Elephant for the longest time. It has been around for quite awhile, I think? But somehow my family never got to go there. ( I guess cause we generally don't go to Section 17 to eat. Don't know why! )

My uncle said his colleagues always bring him there for lunch, and they have pretty good Thai food! :)
So how do you think  I could have passed up this chance to visit there? ;)

From the outside, you definitely could not tell how crowded it is inside! It was packed when we went (peak hour at 1pm lol). My uncle and I had to wait for like 10 minutes or so to get a table. The restaurant was visibly occupied by the nearby office workers.

 The decor is simple and clean, tables maybe a lil' packed together, but still alright.
 Was really starving, especially after waiting ......

Always a queue during lunch hours.


Uncle's drink. Lemongrass and Pandan I think?
Can't recall, but it was really refreshing!

Mieng Kam (RM 15)
DIY  Daun Kadok wraps with coconut crisp, peanut, dried shrimps, and assorted condiments, topped with a sweet sour tamarind plum sauce.
It's one of my favorite Thai appetizers!
The tamarind plum sauce is really good here. Sticky and thick, not too sweet. :)
But I feel like for RM15 the amount of condiments is really little ><
Like prolly enough for less than 5 leaf wraps? I guess I was hoping for at least 10 to share.

The rice served here is a mix of Brown rice  + Jasmine rice.
I like how the texture is really fluffy! Good to soak in the curries. :)

Tom-yum Soup (RM12 - Small)
Spicy Galangal-Lemongrass-Lime Soup with Aromatic Herbs & Homemade red chili paste.
The soup was only so-so to me. There was a lot of basil inside which was a bit overwhelming.
I suppose it's very different, because I'm not used to Tom Yum soup with a heavy Basil taste.

Panaang Curry (RM23 - Small)
Semi dry Thai-style Curry Chicken

I liked this curry! It was a change from the usual Green Curry I always order. The lychees added a fruity twist to the curry.  The curry sauce was nice and thick, very creamy. The only thing I wish could change were the chunks of chicken breasts which lacked fat. But other than that it is delicious and goes with the rice well.

Som Tam Malakor (RM10)
Hand Pounded Green Papaya Salad with Falvoursome Dried Shrimp, Peanuts and Thai Garlic
It was refreshing and the texture was good, but I felt that they did not add enough fish sauce. It was a little bland for me. Perhaps their mango salad would fare better? Will try that one next.


I suppose it's rather exey for two, but my uncle and I really ordered a lot of dishes so I suppose the price is justified. Their lunch sets are quite affordable though!
Do check it out at the menu listing on top of this post. :)

MyElephant Thai Restaurant SS17
Address: Block C-G4, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Section 17, 46400 PJ
Tel: +6010-2201283
GPS: 3.122486, 101.634747
FB Page | 12am to 2pm | 6pm to 10pm |
Closed Mondays


  1. i have not try this too..someday..

  2. awesome shots, love the white setting for the dining tables :)

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