Matcha Sakura KitKats!

I ♥ Kit Kats.
Somehow the Kit Kats sold in Malaysia/Singapore are too sweet, and the chocolate is more thin plus less creamy and chocolatey to the ones in USA. 
Because of that, I don't really buy the local Kit Kats lah. 
( But in overall I should really eat less of fattening and sugary! )

My dear cousin just came back from his friend's place in Japan and brought me back a box of Green Tea(Matcha) Sakura kitkats!!! :D

First, let me show you the very awesome original Matcha KitKats!

I'm no big fan of green tea flavored stuff... But I do like drinking green tea!
I had a lot of people told me Matcha kitkats were awesome. Probably not for me lah, I though.
Ohohoho how mistaken I was. It was amazing.

You know how quesy sometimes chocolate wafers can be?
Normally I can only eat a single Kit Kat but gosssh for the matcha ones I think I can easily just gorge the whole box snacking unconsciously.
The coating is really like a mix of nutty matcha powder and white chocolate. It compliments the wafer well!!
But I'd have to say it's really sweet. You should probably eat it with some green tea ;)

Anyways. The Matcha Sakura KitKat my cousin brought back...

It comes in 10 separate boxes within, with (just) 3 individually-wrapped Matcha Sakura KitKats.
So this whole box (only) has 30 Kit Kats.

Haha, it's so cute how they even provided a space for a message on each box of KitKats.
If it's me I just wouldn't wanna share it! Selfishly keep all these lovelies for myself. :3
( Jk! )

Such pretty packaging!

* Takes a bite *

Tastewise it was very much Matcha flavored, but with a less prominent Green Tea taste. Not as clean cut in flavors. I don't quite know how sakura tastes like, but the Kit Kat was definitely more floral-ey.

The verdict?
I still prefer the original Matcha kitkat. :3

Thank you dearest cousin Kevin for giving me all these calories.


  1. the matcha kit kat looks addictive! i wish they would sell it at some of the japanese supermarkets in kl, maybe like isetan or sogo :D

    1. Hehe it sure is! I'm not a huge fan of "junkie chocolates" but I really do love these :D You can find it in those Japanese specialty snack shops (usually next to Sushi Zanmai) etc but they cost a bomb. But nevertheless, an awesome treat once in a while!

  2. haha i went japan that time bought this too! yum yum! =D

    1. Oooh lucky you! If I were to go Japan I would prolly dedicate a suitcase to bring this back :P

  3. I still remember when I first taste the original Matcha KitKats, fell in love with it since then (:

    1. Hehe likewise for me! Dangerously addictive oh my. Sadly (or a blessing in disguise) the Matcha KitKats are so exp here!

  4. owh killing me! i wanna to taste it! hehhee

    Hi, i am new here. found you blog in blogger 1 malaysia post. Following u ;)

    1. Thanks for following me! :)
      Yes it is delicious, do try it one day hehe ;D