Strolling around in MidValley

Hehe so after the celebration at Fresca's, I took the opportunity to explore Mid Valley :D
My family doesn't come to MV that often because it's always very jam to head there, and One Utama is far more convenient. Kinda out of the way.

I like how The Gardens is so wide. Full of natural sunlight coming in too!
Kinda like Pavilion. :) It's very nice to walk around and window shop. I can't really afford anything here, as most of the shops are upscale retail outlets.

The only problem was that I found very little places to sit and rest around the mall, unlike One Utama. Didn't help that I was wearing these wedges. (Which were super comfortable for the first 3 hours or so..? Then it started hurting. Sobs.)

Hehe. I love em... A LOT!
Rainbow wedges from Nine West. Wearing the nail polish from a few posts back
( Etude House Sweet Collection Ice-cream Nail Polish )

After strolling around, I went in Isetan and was bedazzled at this display....

So.... Erm. You do know what followed right?

Hehe. 30% off also ma.
I saw a heart-shaped diamond ring at a Gold Jewellery Shop the other day, and the price tag was like, RM17,000 ++ for a 0.6Ct Heart-shaped Diamond ring.
This one is like 100x cheaper.

The ring is so pretty right?!

Then, I continued to walk about the mall..
The Gardens is nicer to walk around compared to MV.
In MV, there's many clothing shops and stuff la, but all these are mostly chain retail outlets which can already be found in One Utama. There's also a lot more people so the whole place is pretty crowded. I saw a lot of tourists too, surprisingly. I though most would not venture out to MV (and be at central KL instead, or something la.)

Obligatory selfie in the fancy restroom at The Gardens.

Mango Loh (Mine) and Cendol (Dad's)

After strolling around, we had dinner! :D
The sample sizes from lunch weren't enough for me hehe. 

We were walking about MV trying to decide on where to eat...
( More like just me. Daddy is mostly flexible with anything. )
After walking about for like 15 minutes or so, we head to Bulgogi Brothers for dinner.

Dearest daddy who is oh so patient and tolerant with his gluttony daughter.

The "value dinner sets" didn't actually really seem like a good value - e.g including desserts and drinks we normally wouldn't have ordered anyway - so I got a Seafood Bibimbap.
One thing awesomely unique about them is their seafood bibimbap. Seems like every other Korean place only offers meat bibimbaps or vegetarian ones. I really like this seafood one. :)

Waiter told us that the bibimbap was meant to be shared for two. But no la.
Dad and I just looked at it and agreed one person can polish it off...
( At least, in my family. )

So satisfyingly yummy :3
The only thing I wish the restaurant would inprove on were the Banchan.
Not much variety, mostly the same kangkung like one and pumpkin mash.

♥   ♥  ♥  ♥    ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥   ♥  ♥  ♥    ♥  ♥  ♥ 

We took a cab back home because my mom wanted to go home first and dad came just to teman me. :')

We stumbled upon lots and lots of kitties on the way home!


Dad spent a long 15-20 minutes or so letting me play with the kitties.
Aiyoyoyo they're crazy adorable la.
* Melts *
Tiny but super fluffy kitties, playing with each other, rolling about, purring...

They weren't like normal strays though. All of them had long, thick, healthy coats.
Wonder why are they all outside?

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