Yummy Saturday Dinner

Appetizers: Marinated Spanish Capsicums and Feta cheese stuffed baby peppers, with some dry ham with sourdough bread. :)

Mushroom Pasta with Anchovies base, mixed with truffle paste. :)  
Simple and hearty.

Next up:-
Abalone and Caviar Pasta
I thought the combination was a little odd at first, but the angel hair pasta suits this combination very well. :)
Very briny and full of shellfish flavor.

And what's a meal at my uncle's place without his signature char-grilled steak? :)
Deliciously medium USD Prime Beef.

Yummy Protein hehe :)

A sweet ending to the meal:-

Wine older than I....

Uncle's refreshing and luscious YUZU japanese ice-cream. 
Mmm :)

Blessed I am with such a foodie family.


  1. Simple but very luxurious combinations for dinner ;)

  2. Omg It looks so good!!! T_T Let me be your sister. HAHAHHA <3 :*

  3. those marinated capsicums look AMAZING! Ah yet one more thing to add to our (overflowing) crave list =)