Surisit Thai Kopitiam @ Taman Tun Dr.Ismail

A week ago, my mom and brother just didn't feel like eating (Probably from a heavy lunch.. or something). So my dad and I scouted our neighborhood eateries.
We decided to eat dinner at this Thai Kopitiam! :)
I was craving spicy food and my dad have always wanted to try this place.
( My mom, uncle and I have eaten here once without him awwh, )

Interior of the Thai Kopitiam

We were their first customers at 6pm :)

Food in the menu includes a wide variety of Thai Appetizers, Curries, salads and noodles/rice dishes.

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Thai green curry pork
I liked how this came boiling-hot in a earthen pot!
The sauce was very appetizing and fragrant, the amount of melon in it was quite generous as well.
Wish the sauce was a tad thicker though. It was quite watery.
Maybe making it a bit more spicy would provide more oomph too, hehe.

Mun Thod Gapi (RM 16.90)
This is their signature dish, and very rightly so!
Yummy pork with shrimp paste.
The porky bits were crunchy and nicely spiced and marinated with the shrimp paste.
Dipped in the accompanying chili dip, the combination works well.

Close up on the juicy pork.

Thai Ulam with Namprik (RM9.90)
Consisting of blanched twisted long beans, cabbage, cucumber, egg-battered brinjal slices, vege omelette accompanied by amazing Thai Sambal (Namprik).
Hehehe, This dish was just for me. To satisfy my cravings for spicy food!
The egg-battered brinjal slices were amazing, never knew it could be done that way :D
It was super crispy on the outside and melty soft inside.. 
I loved the namprik. Really hot and flavorful. Crazy appetizing.
Not for the weak hearted ;)

All for me because my dad don't eat these stuff haha.

Quite a lot of food for just 2 people eh?
We "tapau" a lot of the pork with shrimp paste back for my brother as an addition to his dinner, and brought back some namprik for my mom to taste.

I was really satisfied and extremely full from dinner!
Had a lot of rice to soak up the green curry and soothe my tongue from the burning-hot namprik.
( Also, I had to resist the temptations of eating lok-lok outside the pubs where we passed by. Sobs. )

Surisit Thai Kopitiam
17 Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Facebook Page:
GPS: 3.15456, 101.62258
: 03-7710 0173

Hours: 8 am to 10:30 pm daily

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