My Promoter Job

So, I got my first job.

It turned out a little more stressful and time passed by slowly that I'd though initially.
If you ask me to do this job again, I most probably won't. Unless the pay is good / working hours aren't so long. I mean, after 12 days of working from 10 - 9.30pm, every day I return home feeling worn out. And I still had to reply my emails.

Every single day, the supervisor will push us to sell more.
It's very pressuring!! >.<
One of my friend didn't quite care though, cause her work pay was high and commission was peanuts.

It was tough promoting because most people aren't familiar with the products I'm promoting.
Being a relatively new brand in the market, most customers who bought the products are first-time buyers. And I had to convince them hard.

Whereas the promoters like brands: FreshKon and Freshlook just needed to stand there and people started going to them asking for what the promotion was. Haha.

And I also managed to get a chair :)

I found out most (if not all) of the opticians / sales people are non-local. They come from all over Malaysia to work for FP as a roadshow team.

There is one of my colleague who is very nice.
I was saying that it gets really tiring standing all day, and he took a chair from the specs counter for me! :)

However, it disappeared during the last 2 days of the roadshow. But neverminds la.

Not that I always sit. I don't.
But sometimes during none peak hours, my legs reaaaallyyyy need to rest.

I spend my hour-long breaks maximizing butt and chair contact.

See how bright and eye-catching their booths are! Lol.

What I see every day for 12 days.

Work Attire.
It gets really cold.....

The contact lenses I wear everyday.

Colleague drew on the flyer lol.

" Sales Report ", well sorta.

Rested in One World hotel during one of my breaks.
So relaxing with lounge music and all, I just wanted to stay there forever  and not go back.. T___T


Some of my meals:-

( Lunches are usually packed from home / Breakfast is normally yogurt )

Mom's homemade super yummy pesto pasta with grilled vegetables and chicken.

Lavender Bakery's Cheese Stick. Super yums but fattening!
First Dinner: Kapitan Chicken Set from AhTuanEe's

NEWS Cafe Cantonese Yee Mee

Delicious mom's baked chicken + vegetables packed from home. :D
Cheap takeaway from Jusco with sotong overload. Only RM3.50!
Fish paste noodles with cousin who dropped by! She had the prawn yee mee, :) At Old Asia Cafe

Mom's super super delicious tomato based seafood pasta. SUPER LOVE.

Piping hot vegetarian tomyam soup from AEON Food court. This is surprisingly quite yummy lol.
Fried Rice from home ^^
Really mehh and watered down curry mee from Aeon Food court. Yucks.

Coffee bun from Lavender Bakery. Fresh from the oven. Smelled wonderful, but tasted OK la.
I've had cheaper, better ones.

Telur dadar with tomyam soup. Returned for more hehe. :)
Treated myself to favorite MOOCOW froyo. 3 more days left!

Nicer meals from Pasta Zanmai when my mom and brother dropped by:-

Avacado and Crabstick Salad

Chicken Chop Cream-sauce Pasta

Mine: Mushroom and Scallop Japanese Pizza

Mushroom and Vegetable miso soup

Tortilla Soft-shell Crab Roll
2nd Last day of work:-

Dad brought brother and I to Menya Musashi for delicious ramen.
Had the Kuro (Black Garlic Oil).
One of my favs!

And if you were wondering how I heated up my mom's food, I go to the JUSCO food court, where there's a microwave there :)
( However during the 3rd last day of work onwards, the usual microwave oven I used broke down, leaving only 1 small one which was infested with cockroaches. YUCK!!!!!
It was the one near the bakery in Jusco btw. I would recommend not buying the bread from there! )

There was also this secret little worker's canteen my friend showed me.. @_@
The food there is crazy cheap. RM1.50 for Fried Rice / RM3 for mixed rice.
Where can you find food so cheap!!?

But they're only open for lunch so I didn't eat there when my friend showed me the place..

Behind this door, next to AEON Food Court

My flyers and the promotions on:-

Beatrice and I. She's also a first-time promoter.
Her commission is about 250++ for because she sold THAT many boxes. WOW!

With Joelle. She was so fun to talk to! Hehe. :D

Waiting for my parents to pick me up on the last day.. hehe.

Hehe goodies from my contact lens promoter friends :D
I find the Opti-free Solutions SO MUCH better than the Bosch and Lomb ones.
The opticians say that B&L has a lot of preservatives in their solution. Guess that's why!

Although I felt that this job made time pass by SO SLOWLY and how stressful a sales job could be, I'm glad I went through it I guess. And not just for the RM1.5K I made, but also for all these experiences.

It was truly an eye-opening experience.
( Hehe, did you get my pun? )

Throughout the 12 days, I've been speaking to mandarin to like 98% of my colleagues and I think it helped brush it up quite a bit!! And also promoting in mandarin and BM. OMG lol.
I was so proud to be able to explain and sell  a few of the contact lenses conversing in Mandarin.
Haha. And I guess I learnt to appreciate home more.. T__T

Next update soon!

Cheers :)

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