Malaysian Spring

So.. I saw a bunch of 'flowers' in TTDI the other day, and was wondering what it was......

"Flowers" in TTDI


Malaysian Spring is a rakyat effort to spread the message of change and getting people to participate in the process of change.

Why plant 'flowers'?

It is a simple and small gesture. A peaceful act and it brings beauty into our streets and neighbourhoods.



I'm not eligible to vote.
BUT, if you're under 21 and eager to for change:
Vote anonymously on election day at for the party of your choice.
FB Page:


  1. Looking forward to vote this coming GE13.. It's my first time :) followed your blog girl.. Love the beautiful pictures.. Hehe..

    1. That's awesome!!! :)
      And Thank you very much. I love your product reviews. ♥

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