Auntie Lora Kopitiam @ Taman Segar Cheras

"Since 1981"

Yesterday, uncle MC decided to bring my brother, mom and I to Cheras for prawn noodles! :)
Cheras has A LOT of good eats we would really love to explore, if not for the distance away and jam from our house. This kopitiam is very nearby the steamed tilapia specialty restaurant (KTL) and Cheras Leisure Mall. 

They're famous for their authentic, old recipe Penang Prawn Mee.
 Upon entering the kopitiam, that's what the whole place smelled of! Mmmm. :)

There's pictures of many famous people on the wall...

The food is prepared in the front of the restaurant once the order is placed. We got our food quite fast, like prolly in 5 minutes or so. But I think it'll take longer during peak lunch time. ( We went at about 1.30pm or so? )

The menu has quite an extensive list of Penang hawker fare.
Besides their famous Penang Prawn Mee, there's also Lam Mee, Assam Laksa, Soup and dry curry mee, Kuay Teow soup for noodles. The Bun selection list is quite long too!

Prices for noodles are mostly RM5.50 for small and RM6 for big, with options for add-ons.
Portion size is decent and amount of soup/extra liu given is generous, so I think it's quite worth it!

While waiting for my uncle to find parking, my mom and I greedily ordered a bowl of Assam Laksa (RM5.50) to sample first...

Assam Laksa

The soup was really hearty and served piping hot (very important for me!).
I liked both the level of spiciness and sourness of the soup, but I find the soup not as thick to my liking. The fish did not appear fishy and the vegetables were fairly fresh.
Taste-wise it was very appetizing and I would love to order it again.

After just eating only about 3 big spoonfuls, my brother came and "tried" the Assam Laksa - finishing it until there is none left. =__=

When all were seated, we ordered their signature Prawn mee (RM5.50) with an option of added pork ribs (RM5). :)

This! This is the reason why we came here. :)

Close up!

There was a generous portion of noodles with loads of shredded pork, half an egg, and some de-shelled prawns.
The soup is amazing. Very sweet and tasty!
Overwhelmingly good with the porky and fried prawn shells base.

I also like how they give a lot of soup!! Hard to find shops which give adequate amount of served soup. Somehow they're always just so stingy.

Pork Ribs in Prawn Soup

Our add-on! The additional pork ribs (RM5).
These were very soft - the meat fell off the bone easily.
I'm not much of a meat person, but I do like pork ribs hehe.

Dear uncle was feeling a bit peckish, so he ordered their Dry Curry Mee (RM5.50).
In it were brown sotong, kerang (blood cockles) and some curry long beans and lots of fried shallots.
It was tasty, but I'm not a big fan of dry curry noodles. Prefer soup. :)

Dry Curry Noodles.
Accompanied by Curry Pork Ribs! :)

In overall, I think Auntie Lora Kopitiam has really good hawker fare and lived up to our expectations.
My family wouldn't mind enduring the long drive there again to satisfy our prawn mee cravings, hehe. We would also love to explore around Cheras to eat too. Anyone care bring us? :)

Auntie Lora Kopitiam
23, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
(Opposite Cheras Leisure Mall)

Location Coordinate: N3 05.364 E101 44.565
Tel: 03- 9100 5686


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