A gap year can boost your employability

Debunking popular myths of taking a Gap Year
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1 Taking a gap year is not reserved for trust fund kids
Yes, a common view of taking a gap year is travelling, which requires substantial funds. However, you could actually earn money during your gap year by working. A lot of kids pay for their college by taking a gap year to work locally or abroad. As opposed to a gap year being a spending spree, it can be a good training ground for teens to manage their own finances.

2 Gap year is just a fancy term for bumming around
Is there much to learn from taking a gap year? Hagedorn says, “From my internship I have learned communication skills, multimedia presentation skills, and basic office skills like how to write proper emails, and social marketing skills. "The things I have picked up from my gap year are definitely skills that I would never have a chance to learn in school, not even college!” Indeed, college life can be so hectic; there is no time to pick up such skills and experiences at such an intensity.

3 Those who have taken a gap year will lose interest in their studies
In contrast, taking a gap year will help you discover your passions and chart a clearer pathway for your career which is aligned with your personality, ability and interests. Is Hagedorn geared up to hit the books again? “Yes I am motivated to get back to the study routine. I have started applying for colleges and I am awaiting their responses. My gap year has definitely given me a better understanding about myself and what I want to study because it has given me a lot of time to think about it. I’ve changed my mind about what I want to study three times! I couldn’t have done that as easily if I was already enrolled in college; it would be too expensive.”

While there are two sides to a coin, the benefits of taking a gap year are highlighted below. Should you require information on the downside, consult the mainstream. Ask yourself why you want to do it, what do you envision to achieve from it? What experiences you want that will enrich your life? And whether you are prepared for it. The last point is especially crucial since 11 years of formal schooling has set most of us into routine and a path charted out for us. Taking a gap year means making your own decisions and learning from them. The contrasting experiences of taking a gap year really depend on the individual and his/her choices. Here are some points to consider when deciding on taking a gap year:

The chance to discover yourself
If you have always just gone with the flow and are clueless as to what to do next, take a gap year, Hagedorn advises. “Gap year means a time to think, observe, experience and meet mentors who can guide me. It’s a chance for me to get to know myself better as a person and also to explore my likes and dislikes, attributes, and what kind of lifestyle would make me happy.”

........ With this amazing journey comes challenges
Believe it or not, the main challenge is pressure from social circles!

There are many options for those going for a gap year such as volunteering, travelling, backpacking, couch-surfing, working, internships, eco-tourism projects, starting your own business or writing a book. There are several organisations dedicated to people taking gap years and assisting them with information and ideas. Although the term gap year connotes spending an entire year on such activities, it can actually be as long or short as you decide it to be. Most people opt for a period of six months to 18 months but it really depends on the individual. This highlights the beauty of taking a gap year which is its subjective nature. Hence, two individuals are highly unlikely to have a similar experience.

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