Tickling My Tastebuds (Nuffnang)

These lovely cookies were brought over by Wei-nee. So far one of the best I've had.
With CNY, there's absolutely no way to escape pineapple tarts (at least for me!)

As you unwrap these little cases of delights, take a little nibble.
( Careful not to let the buttery aroma to overwhelm you - you might just gobble everything up! )
Upon sinking your teeth in the pineapple tarts, within reveals a fibrous, tangy, pineappl-ey (is that even a word?!) jam with just the right density, sourness and sweetness. With every mouthful, the ratio of cookie to jam is perfect. The crumbly, buttery crust is not too thick; neither is it too thin. Just right for the tangy jam.
Soon, eating one pineapple tart will become two. Or three.

Or the whole jar.

Care to take a bite?

( Nahh, get your own! :P)

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