Pasta & Beethoven

Earlier today at piano class

" HC, What's your favorite food? 
Hmm. Pasta, right? "
" For the sauce, you don't want it to be too wet right? "
Oh. I played this part too "wet"... is it?
"Must have a bit of thickness .... richness. Like this." * plays passage *
" Then here ah, you add more ingredients, then you stir-stir-stir.
Toss it together. At this section. *points*

Get it? Get it?"
" You like chili flakes or cheese on your pasta? "
" Oh, chili flakes! Okay, so you add the chili flakes here *points*, then you cool yourself down at that ending section.. ppp..."

" Ahhh yess like this "


Hehe, guess who's one of the 20 specially selected, founding members of Tastebuddies @ Nuffnang? :P

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