My First Job

I'm now a roadshow promoter for contact lenses in One Utama. :)
This is my first official job!!! (Besides GlamTags & participating in bazaars)
The pay is pretty good. At RM120 per day (10 hours) for 12 days, and commission at RM1 per box.

The roadshow is organized by Focus Point, and I am selling these lenses:

To be honest, being a promoter is much  tougher than I thought initially.
Working hours are from 10am - 9.30pm with only a total of 2 hours break (Lunch & Dinner).

There's only the other contact lens promoters and 1-2 opticians who are actually nice and friendly.
For the rest...they all seem kinda unwelcoming lah.

The friendly lady senior optician was like,
" What's your name? "
" Hihi. I'm HC.."
" Oh.. haha. Hi, I'm ____."

and some intro chats etc. etc.

I told her it was my first time promoting.
She said I was not bad for a first-timer, and was actually kinda aggressive. (?!)

Then she said,

" At first me and my colleagues find you a bit weird-"
" Wait.......what?! Weird??
" Oh. Haha. It's because you speak to English to us. 
... Are you local? Where are you from? "
" I'm from KL lah. This area!
I grew up speaking to my parents in English, that's why. But if you all want I CAN speak in Chinese, you know. Just not that fluently lahh. Cantonese also can ok. "
" Icic. Haha ok. "

Hmm.... so they find me weird............


My first day (20th of March, Wednesday), time passed by really slowly.
There were many passerbys but they were mostly office workers from the KPMG and IBM building.
They usually just give the broschere a brief glance and rush off to work.
Or they show interest in the products but usually ask "When is the roadshow until?" then say they would come back. (Hopefully they will!)

The thing is, there wasn't any chair provided on my booth but there were for all the other contact lens brands.

I'm working from 10 - 9.30. Don't tell me I have to be standing the ENTIRE time?!
( It's not my company's fault btw. It's the fault of Focus Point )
On the 2nd day, my legs gave away. I can't do it any longer.
So, I took the chair from the refraction room ( which is 90% of the time empty. ) and used it.
Then the chair was mine mostly. All of them saw me with it and everything, some even rest on it while I distributed flyers.


So, it went like this : a co-worker which I've never really communicated with, took my chair from the booth, without permission and put it back in the room.
I mean, I don't mind la when they do it sometimes. ( Like when they want to eat lunch inside the room etc ) But the guy just took it without telling me and he had the nerve to command me to never take it out of the room again.
So I asked him,
What about my chair? I don't have a chair then??

He totally heard me, ignored me and turned away.

So pissed at him! Seriously.
I mean, I know I'm just a promoter newbie. But seriously?!
So much disrespect.

Haiz. Tomorrow I'm just gonna take it back.
If he needs a chair then he should just go and find his own.
Prolly gonna find the supervisor on this lah.

Oh. And the supervisor has been pressuring us (contact lens promoters) to double our sales because it's the weekend. One of my friend from the booth behind me got lectured because apparently she doesn't approach anyone.

Trying my best to promote the lenses!!!
( Commission is only RM1 per box btw. )

I've been wearing the colored lens they gave me (worth RM70!) and so far it has been extremely comfortable to wear for my long hours of working :)

Do drop by near Isetan Ground Floor (outside Lavender Bakery) and visit me!

So sorry my post is so jumbled, cluttered, messy. It's 2.36am.

Oh well.

8 more days to go. :)

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