MIVVA BOX ( February & March 2013 )

MIVVA Beauty Box FEBRUARY 2013 (Valentine's Edition)
MIVVA sponsors a lot of beauty bloggers, and I do believe they're the most popular beauty box around. The products are not bad though! I wish I had their debut box.
The reviews online looked pretty impressive.

Full listing of products in the MIVVA February box 2013:-
  1. Beautymate Purifying & Brightening Nano Toner (Full Size) – RM 49.90 for 120ml
  2. Paul Penders Natural Cream Lipstick (Full Size) – RM 79 for 3.5g
  3. Murad Vitalic Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask ( 1pc ) – RM 16.50/per pc
  4. Nature’s Lab Refreshing Body Whip (Sample sized) – RM 69 for 250ml / RM 103 for 450ml
  5. Skin79 White Reviving Miniature – Skin Radiance Softener (RM 90 for 30ml) Skin Radiance Emulsion (RM 67 for 150ml) & Skin Radiance Solution RM 72 for 150ml
The theme was "Love is in the Air".

They also included 7 Beauty Products and 3 extras (Flower motif hair clip, cute marshmallows, MIVVA AngPao with tips to score MIVVA points.)

These are my two favorite products!

  • Beautymate Purifying & Brightening Nano Toner – RM 49.90 for 120ml (FULL SIZED)
Contains Gentiana Lutea Root Extract and Black Pearl Extract to ensure optimal skin condition. NMF Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid to retain up to 6000 times of their weight in water to keep you skin continuously hydrated and seal in moisture to defend against outside influences. Vitamin B3 can hinder transformation of melanin and minimize the amount of melanin to keep you skin fair and bright.
I was thinking of trying a new toner as the one I was using at that time (a sample-sized Clinelle from the November Wonderbox) was running out. Thank goodness I didn't buy!
I've already started using it after cleansing my face and I do think it's making my skin more supple and moisturized. Don't quite know about the brightening effect, hope it does show in the future.
The pump applicator makes it easier to apply as well. Might repurchase this in the future :)

  • Paul Penders Natural Cream Lipstick (Full Size)RM 79 for 3.5g
A lovely variety of matte shades made with LevensESSENTIE Gold (a 100 years old, time tested, holistic extract made from 22 certified organic herbs) and natural plant oils for extra moisture, without chemicals. Free from artificial colours and chemical dyes.
Oooh. Organic make-up. :)
Somehow it feels better to know that you're not loading chemicals on your face.
I can't wait to try this (expensive!) product. 

Gift Vouchers (Which I doubt I will use though)


 MIVVA Beauty Box MARCH 2013

This month's theme was "KNOW YOUR SKIN".
I must say that my skin has always been prone to acne and is quite sensitive to certain products.
You should have seen me during my high school days (and A-levels days too!). My face is the number one tell-tale of stress. I used to think it was because I ate chocolate or too much oily food (so says my mom), but even when I avoid them I still got bad acne. It's genetics lah.
Anyways, I guess my hormones aren't as crazy as they used to be. My skin is a whole lot clearer than it was last time. (And I'm getting adequate rest now that I'm done with CAL. Lol!)

 I love their deco. Full of florals!
Very cute.

 Full listing of product and description:-
  1. Murad Hybirds Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish - 5ml   RM25  ( RM150/30ml )
  2. Secretleaf Pure Oil Series 01 (Organic Argan Oil) -15ml ( RM75/15ml )
  3. Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion - 100ml     ( RM49.90/100ml)
  4. URIAGE HYSEAC Cleansing Gel - 50ml  RM20.60 ( RM61.90/150ml)  
  5. Esllon BIO-GEL Eye Mask - 1pcs  RM11.80  (RM59/5PCS)
They also included a MURAD RM30 Gift Voucher and a Number76 Hair Salon RM20 Voucher. 

Total Value of Mivva’s March 2013 box is RM232.30!

It was a pretty heavy box. Lol!
Look at that absolutely adorable little towel!!!
Folded to look like a cute doggy. I think it's super creative and cute. Don't wanna unwrap it yet.

The two full-sized products from this month's MIVVA Box!

There's a pretty diverse selection of products so I would say it's a good sample box :)

  •  Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion - 100ml  ( RM49.90/100ml)
However, I didn't quite like this. (It's supposed to compliment February's Toner). I felt that the lotion had a sort of weird smell to it, and it made my face felt a bit sticky throughout the day. Hmm. But seems like a lot of people like this, so it could just be me.

  • Secretleaf Pure Oil Series 01 (Organic Argan Oil) -15ml ( RM75/15ml )
Ehehe I'm happy that they included the organic argan oil!
I've seen hair salons offer "Argan Oil treatments" costing a bomb, like RM200 per session?! Crazy.
Anyways, I have this full-sized vial of pure oil now. It can be used on hair, skin and nails. How useful. :)

As for the other products, maybe I'll review it soon!
I don't want to use the MURAD RM30 voucher and I can't use the number76 salon voucher
(as I already have a personal discount..hehe..)
Let me know if you'd like to have it! :)

In overall, I think the product selection is great and I like how they are quite generous with the full sized products, making the price of the box really worth it.

Looking forward to the MIVVA April 2013 edition already!


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