MARKETS (March 2013) @ Jaya One

Yesterday was Markets 9th Installation at Jaya One!
Was thinking of joining as a vendor initially as they actually emailed me a month before the bazaar. However I thought there was going to be a piano concert at night so I didn't join (it was delayed.).

The list of vendors is crazy. Over 100! 
There were stalls EVERYWHERE. Many more compared to when I participated.
Food stalls included. The organizers even added two more sections this time round: The Yard & The Bundle area selling super cheap pre-loves and bargain items. You could even set up a booth at The Bundle area without the need to pre-register! For RM50 haha. But no tables/chairs provided, and the area is only 4x4. Was thinking of joining that for last minute. But nah, too tiny!

It's much more fun to go as a shopper. :)

The queue for Myburgerlab!

Myburgerlab even set up a stall selling burgers!
Charis & I wanted to give it a go, but the line was just insane @_@
Not to mention I just got my wisdom tooth removed on Friday..
(Luckily my jaw did not swell much, or else I wouldn't have gone for the bazaar. Lol!)

Dropping by local label Pestle & Mortar's booth to get those wicked reverse "Kuala Lumpur" Tees! :) Wanted to get the ladies's crop, but they only had it in one design, which I didn't really fancy. Got it in men's size lah. Haha.

And of course, dropping by The Potong for their famed gourmet selection of potong ice lollies!
I've had their ice lollies for pretty much every bazaar I've been to. HAHA.
Super good to cool yourself down when the weather gets too hot.

Can't remember the names properly but I think this is Seasonal Bloom Rose (RM7) and Watermelon Fizz + Prosecco (RM15) .

Licking booth!
So cute.

Vintage goodies for sale too!

With lovely Vivian from ZOOP!

With Sha-Lene from YourShoppingKaki!

Deeper Than Fashion booth!

Harmini is so crazy talented. Look at all those pretty dreamcatchers! AHHHHH!

Dr. Shelby Kho's Bisou Bon Bon & Bisou Rose!
When I first started up GlamTags, she was one of the earliest to have bought so many necklaces from me! As gifts. So sweet of her! :)
She's really nice in real life. Her booth smells absolutely divine and delicious.
Do check out her products here.

I bought her handmade grapefruit lipbalm and hair spritzer.
Will blog more about that soon!

Charity booth by Nuyou magazine, lots of Maxfactors nail polishes and Burt's Bees lip balms going cheap at only RM10!

OOTD's with my bestie! :)

Cute booth with a game of ring tossing to win free goodies.
Charis won a pair of earrings. SO LUCKY!
Blurry Shot!
We had "lunch" at 3.30pm when Nabs came (super) late!

It was really hot that day !! >.<


Top: ROOM8008
Bottom: DKNY
Bag: Online
Arm accessories: XOXO Andrea
Heels: MinkPink @TANGS

Another pic with my girls! Hehe :)

My loot!
Free swag bag with freebies inside, knee-length red dress at RM55, Deeperthanfashion Dreamcatcher, Bisou BonBon & Bisour Rose Hair Spritzer and Lip balm, Reverse KUALA LUMPUR tee (Tri-colour) and eco-friendly tote bag.

Hehe, can't wait till the next Markets!



  1. The market looks fun, I should try making my way there next time.

    1. Hehe, you should. It was fun~! :) Bazaars are a nice change from the usual shopping malls. Sometimes you can get really good finds at an absolute bargain price!

  2. cool stuff! i was very tempted to head there in the evening, but when i heard myburgerlab got sold out by 2pm, i figured the crowds would be kinda scary. oh, and the heat! but it looks fun, and i hope to make it someday :D

    1. Haha yeahh! I wanted to get the burgers but the line was crazy. ><
      Hopefully there'll be more food + fun bazaars coming up in the future!

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