Ikea posted this yesterday and caused a crazy frenzy.
RM2 for 10pcs of meatballs is actually a pretty good deal!!!
( Apparently horse meat DNA were found in IKEA meatballs and created an international scandal. To be honest I don't see it as such a big deal because horse meat is just another red meat. Haha! But of course, if the horse meat isn't supposed to be there and it's there, there might be other ingredients lurking in there undiscovered...hmm.. )
Anyways! Since my parents wanted to drop by IKEA anyways, my brother and I decided to join the queue for the meatballs. Surprisingly, it took us less than 30 minutes to get our meatballs! :)

Crazy lot of people! 

Our RM2 Meatballs!
Quite yummy, but I normally have the kid's set which only comes with 5 meatballs. This was pretty filling! Gave some to my brother to eat hahaha. He's like a vacuum cleaner when he's hungry.

Possibly the best selling product that day...

I think it's a really good marketing & PR strategy!

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