Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale 2013 @ MINES



Cute MEME badges sold at a booth outside the sale!

Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale 2013

The books were crazy cheap!
Most of it were already at a clearance price of RM8, and then prices further slashed to RM5.

There were also many gorgeous coffee table books and recipe books for sale at
Our 30+ books came up to about RM200!!!

Normally when we go to book sales from MPH or TIMES, the receipt would come up to about RM300-400, so we were very surprised.

I bought some random business books and fictions. Finally have the time to read all of them!
Tuck into bed early + Tea + Book = Bliss



  1. ooo, i live in sri petaling, so Mines is just a 15-minute drive away, i think. i'm a slow reader though, maybe only 10 books a year, so i can't buy too many. ooo, i see a haruki murakami book. i'm not a fan of his, but many of my friends enjoy his work :D

    1. Ooh Mines is pretty far from my place xD My dad actually got lost when we made the wrong turn in LOL xD
      Haha I haven't been reading much lately either, been too busy :( Never tried reading a Murukami book before, so this will be my first :D Hope it doesn't disappoint! Haha ~