HAUL: SASA Clearance @ eCurve

Indonesian lunch at Warung Leko in The Curve

Iga Sapi Penyet set lunch

Love the beef ribs. Super moist and lots of lovely fat + tendon marbling. Melt in your mouth!
The sambal here is really spicy. O_O I had no idea it would be as hot as it is. I had "Spicy"
( Comes in "Not-spicy", "Medium" and "Spicy") .
It's really fragrant though! Must be their secret for having the sambal crushed-to-order. :)
Anyways photos taken from my Xperia so the quality is really meh.
Will visit again and do a proper review!

After lunch, took a stroll around and stumbled upon this super awesome moving-out clearance sale at SASA in eCurve. Most makeup/skincare were those sold at SASA regularly, which don't usually go on discount - or really low discounts up to 10% off kind - and there, they were going at 50% - 70% off. Wow!!!

These aren't even expired ( or going-to-expire ) stocks!
Just that the SASA is clearing out so they need to sell off EVERYTHING.

Check out my hauls!

Yes, that's the receipt of my whole list of stuff.
In my defense, some of em are gifts!


From left:-
  1. RED EARTH Tinted Lip Balm RM 9 (N/P: RM22)
  2. CANMAKE NUDY GLOW Lip Gloss in 04 RM 20 (N/P: RM42.90)
  3. CANMAKE Eyeshadows RM20 each (N/P: RM47.90)
  4. BED HEAD TIGI Wipe Out Concealer (Fair) RM 22 (N/P: RM56)
  5. SASATINNIE Cheek Stain RM 5 (N/P: RM26.90)
  6. PALGANTONG Cover Pac Mini in Shade 25 RM26.70 (N/P: RM89)
  7. THE BALM Stainiac in Homecoming Queen RM27.50 (N/P: RM55)
  8. SASATINNIE HD Hydro Matte 2 Way Cake in 02 Beige RM20 (N/P : RM 47.90)
And... my favorites!

Palgantong (apparently) produces Japan's #1 Powders.
Been hearing a lot of good reviews about it! Got it at such a steal compared to it's original price of RM89. Whee. :D


  1. Dr.G BeCalming Spot Paste RM20 (N/P RM50)
  2. SUKI Q19 Whitening Emulsion RM6 (N/P RM17.90)
  3. SASATINNIE Green Apple Refreshing Aqua Gel RM10 (N/P RM49.90)
  4. HHD Make-off Gel (Made in Japan) RM10 (N/P RM39.90)
And, lastly.....
Most of them are Made in Korea / Made in Taiwan.
Going for 5 pcs @ RM11!
(N/P RM4.9 - RM10.9 each)

Snail based skin-care has been gaining popularity.
Sounds totally gross but gonna just try it for once! Hehe.

Tip: Put your masks in the fridge before pampering! Makes it really cold and delightful on the face.
Also, massage your face before putting it on to maximize blood circulation and enhance full absorption on the skin! :D

That's it for my blog post today! ^^
Hope you enjoyed my crazy hauls.
I might just head to SASA again with Charis.


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