HAPPY CNY dear readers! :)May year 2013 be prosperous, blessed with good health, and filled to the brim with happiness!

Unfortunately this year, I was pretty sick two days before CNY.
Started with a terrible sore throat, which lead to uncontrollable coughing and then catching a cold.
Quite a spoiler la. T__T

It was agony not being able to enjoy CNY food!!! :(
Especially pineapple tarts. OMG.
I could only taste food with my tongue... For example, the tarts ended up tasting just of sugar instead of pineapple/butter etc. Similar to all the other foods as well!

Anyways, after about 5 days of suffering, I'm slowly getting better. :)
Thank goodness!!

Pictures from my 团圆饭 Tuan Yuan Fan, which is the CNY Eve family dinner :)

Mom brought the Yee Sang, which is from JUSCO which retailed for RM38.88. ( I bet they're earning a lot from shredding those fresh vegetables! )
She mixed in some julienne pear and carrots as well as seasoned jellyfish to make it more refreshing. :D

Everyone tossing this prosperity salad while wishing for Good Fortune, Good Health (and strings of A*s! :P )

Colorful yee sang! 

My grandparents (Dad's side) prepared a huge spread of dishes for us to nom! :)
Really a feat considering both of them are 74 and 78 years old respectively. They're still so healthy and fit!

From top, Stir-fried Brocolli, Carrots and Mushrooms, Glazed chicken, Soy-sauce siewyok stir-fry, Assam bawal, Steamed kampung chicken and Garlic Prawns (not pictured)

Kid's table (Yes, we have our own spread too LOL!) :

 My cousins, Kimberly and Yew Sun, with my brother on the far right. :)
 Adult table~!


Then on Chor Yat, my family and I went to my grandparent's home in the morning to have a breakfast of fried beehoon. ( Annual ritual on CNY first day! )

Brother omnomnomnom-ing in the back! Hehe.

With my healthy, happy grandma! ^^
Omg. I realize I look extremely sickly in photos. Gahhh. :(

Dearest mummy! She is so beautiful isn't she? :))

All of us! :)

After that, we visited one of my cousin's house too :)

Later that day, head to one of my dad's buddy's open house in KL.

Angpau stash of the day! :P
RM100 from my unmarried uncle. Haha.

Happy CNY everybody! :)
Will update about my hair soon. ( Yes, it is dip-dyed! )



  1. GONG XI FA CAI, Chiee Chiee... great photos!! esp. those of foods, gawd i really miss those CNY makan, dang...Cheers from your uncle SEE YE in Oz