Antipodean-style Big Breakfast @ Uncle MC's

After a jog around KLCC the day before, my family had initially planned to head to ANTIPODEAN in Bangsar for their famed breakfast selections. The food there is not that cheap, and my uncle MC decided he could prepare a huge breakfast identical theirs - minus the long wait and crowded tables.

So in the early morning, my family (more like me!) head over to help in prep.
We had bought most of the groceries from BIG Supermarket in Publika the day before.

P.S: By the time we were done cooking, it was already lunch time. LOL!

Some of the breakfast sidelines.

Brown mushrooms and washed potatoes

Look at the freshly washed Momotaro tomatoes glistening under the sunlight!
So beautiful!

Large organic eggs!

Applewood Smoked Bacon. Smells amazing even before frying!

Heinz Baked beanz + sauteed bacon chips
Brown button mushrooms + red wine

Kitchen staff:

My face looks really derp so I had to crop myself out.

To grill the tomatoes!

What's a classic American breakfast without some orange juice?


The outcome! :)

My brother's cheese omelette!
( Lack of mushrooms because we had no idea it would shrink THAT much. There's 3 trays in there I think? )

By the time we were done, everyone was already STARVING. Lol!

Some perfectly done soft-boiled eggs by the fancy-shmancy sous vide machine (water oven).

Sunny side-up!
( Most of us had this. )

From center, clockwise: Sunny-side up, baked beans with bacon, potato hash, grilled tomato, fried applewood smoked bacon, assorted fried sausages, wine sauteed mushrooms.

Happy times with family and friends :)


After that filling "breakfast", we stayed on for tea while the adults had wine.

Uncle's selection of TWG at home :D

That breakfast was beyond delicious but was really quite tedious, haha!

I guess that's why most people would probably head to Antipodean instead.
Saves the effort too cook and cleanup lol.


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