Wonderbox Malaysia (Oct 2012 DEBUT Edition)


Beauty boxes have always been a craze in the USA and UK.
I've heard about it first when Michelle Phan (YouTube beauty guru no.1!) made a reference to it during a video. Search up YouTube and Google and you'll find plenty of blogs reviewing each beauty box every month.

So what is a beauty box?


Basically, a beauty box would consist of 4-5 different deluxe beauty products - be it full-sized or sample-sized. The content of each box would be a surprise, all until it arrives at your doorstep for you to open it up. Exciting, isn't it? :D

It's kinda like giving yourself a surprise gift every month!

I'm not exactly that big a beauty fanatic, but I do like indulging in some nice products to prettify me once in awhile. Receiving beauty boxes gives me the perfect chance to try out new products without having the need of forking up lots of money or, spending time stalking beauty sites for recommendation of new products. :)

You can imagine how thrilled I was now that Malaysia has the beauty box concept via Wonderbox. :D

What is WonderBox?

WonderBox is all about discovery, it is about discovering your true beauty and about discovery of products that will help bring out the best in you.

With your subscription to WonderBox, you will receive an exclusively curated WonderBox filled with up to 5 samples of premium cosmetics and beauty products every month.

From the comforts of your home, you will be discover the wonders of the latest fashion and beauty trends, thanks to our collaboration with the experts from the top brands today.

Sounds good already?
Read till the end of this post and I'll show you how you can get yours! :)
Mine arrived today via GDex courier.

♥ My first impression :-
Oh wow. This package is pretty BIG, heavy and thick!
Wonder what's inside?

Meticulously bubble-wrapped for protection!

Isn't this packaging insanely gorgeous? ♥
I love how simple and classy it looks. 

As I slowly pull the silky ribbon off,
I lift the pretty box casing to reveal.....


Description card of the goodies in the WonderBox October 2012 DEBUT Edition!

♥ 5 different products,
a Product voucher, and a Facial Discount!
  1. Clinelle SnoWhite Mask   RM67.9
  2. Clinelle Blemish Clear   RM28.9
  3. Elianto Princezna Mascara   RM33.0
  4. The Body Shop Strawberry Bath Shower Gel   RM8.9
  5. Sothys Homme Tri-Active Cleanser   RM69.0

  1. Clinelle SnoWhite Mask (50ml - Full sized)
    This rinse-off mask is used to strengthen the skin's barriers, restore and maintain optimal hydration while brightening dull and lacklustre complexions.
  2. Clinelle Blemish Clear (15ml - Full sized)
    The gel is used to speed up skin healing and tightens enlarged pores. It also helps to relieve skin pain, inflammation and clears acne in just 1-2 days.
I've always been a loyal fan of Clinelle's Deep Cleansing Gel as a cleanser so I was quite happy to receive these two full-sized Clinelle products!

3. Elianto Princezna Mascara (7g - Full sized)
Gives even sparse, fine lashes volume and length thanks to its unique Twist Brush for maximum coverage on each and every lash. Plus it's enriched with vitamin E and protein rich keratin for healthier lashes.

Elianto Princezna Mascara has a unique twist brush (which apparently gives maximum coverage on each and every lash). It's made in Korea.
Guess now I no longer need to buy mascara for this month's outings! Yay. :)

4. The Body Shop Strawberry Bath Shower Gel (60ml - Travel sized)
A refreshing cleansing gel that lathers up in the bath or shower to leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and subtly scented.

I don't know anyone who hasn't tried The Body Shop's famous shower gels.
All of them smells divine, yummy enough to eat! Hehe. :)

Unfortunately my skin is rather sensitive to their gels so I think I'll give this to my friend..
The Wonderbox also comes with a 20% Discount Voucher for a full sized Strawberry Shower gel! :)
( Let me know if any of you want it! )

5. Sothys Homme Tri-Active Cleanser
This cleanser has a fresh and light texture to soften and soothe sensitive skin. It also regenerates and repairs damaged skin.

Sothys products have always been very expensive.
I was really surprised to have found this in my WonderBox!
Look at the price tag behind. RM69.00 for that small tube. O_O Can't wait to give it to someone (this is for guys - preshave!)

When I scanned the code, it showed a voucher!!
" Scan & Show this QR Code at any 128 Faubourg Salons.
Enjoy 1 Hydra Active Care worth RM79 & Hydro Cooling Eye Treatment worth RM90"

Time for a trip to Publika mall then! Hehe. :)

CLICK to zoom in!
TOP : Products boxed up!
BOTTOM : Products un-boxed!


♥ The Verdict :
Yes, I am happy with my first ever beauty box! :)
However, I'd love to see more make-up products in the future (maybe it's just me, hehe.)
I'm sure these products from my Wonderbox will be put into good use.

Thank goodness it didn't come with something like wrinkle creams or eye masks lol.

The amount I paid for was definitely worth it for the products given.
I think the products in my Wonderbox probably amounted to over RM200++.

1. CLINELLE's SnoWhite Mask  50ml (full size)  RM 67.90
2. CLINELLE's Blemish Clear  15ml (full size) RM 28.90
3. ELIANTO's Princezna Mascara  7g (full size) RM 33.00
4. THE BODY SHOP's Strawberry Bath Shower Gel 60ml (travel size)  RM 8.90
5. SOTHY's HOMME's Tri-Active Cleanser 15ml RM 69.00
Total above: RM 207.70
Price paid : RM 39.90

♥ There's four types of subscriptions available :-
1. MONTHLY (RM39.90)
2. QUARTERLY (RM119.70)
3. SEMI-ANNUAL (RM239.40)
4. ANNUAL (RM478.80)

Why not surprise your loved one with a box full of treasures each month? ♥ ♥ ♥

In the future, WONDERBOX will include brands such as :
 Inglot, Jurlique, O.P.I., SAMPAR, TheFaceShop, Office Makeup USA, and many more!! :)

Want to receive these lovely surprises at your doorstep now?
Click * * * HERE * * * to subscribe.

♥ Wonderbox's FB page link

Till my November 2012 Wonderbox arrives,
Cheers! ♥

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