Mille Crepes @ Humble Beginnings, Bangsar

Mille crêpe is a French cake made of many crêpe layers.
The word mille means "a thousand", implying the many layers of crêpe.

To be honest, my first experience with Mille Crepes was a bad one.
The first one I had was served as a complimentary dessert in some restaurant for us to "test out".
It was dry, bland and boring. Not a dessert worth splurging your calories for!

I never thought I'd ever like mille crepe....

UNTIL I attended my friend's birthday. She had her mille crepe birthday cake delivered by Humble Beginnings, a small online set-up which has now became an established name for Mille crepe cakes.
One bite and I was hooked! IT WAS AMAZING. :)
The flavor was French Vanilla (HB's classic). Each crepe cake was expertly separated and layered with oozing vanilla creaminess. Texture heaven in my mouth.

That one slice during the birthday party was definitely not enough.
It made me actually crave it more afterwards!
However, since it's still an online business, I'd need to order an entire cake (1.5kg if I've not mistaken) just to eat it :( My family isn't big on sweet stuff so I couldn't order it!

" If you din’t know, Amos was the original baker at the now ever popular but getting lousier Nadeje Patisserie (in Melaka). Due to some disputes between the shareholders, Amos left the pastry shop and started his own business, Humble Beginnings in Johor Bahru and then, Penang. If you think Nadeje Patisserie’s mille crepe is good, wait till you try Amos’. "

You can imagine how excited I was to hear that they finally opened an offline outlet cafe in Bangsar!
As my cousin Kevin was back in KL for a hol, my uncle and I decided to drop by there to try out the mille crepes (Okay fine, I forced them to.)

The half-shop is really small.
We took two rounds just to spot it. Just keep an eye out for Subway, which is the outlet HB shares with.


Take your pick! (Oh noes, hard decisions..)

Small, cozy shop lot.

Our cakes! :)
We went there on Malaysia Day, and they had a promotion of "Buy 1, get 50% off the next".
I really wanted to try the "Cookes and Cream" one but they didn't have it that day...

Tip : Ask them for the freshest one. The one that sat in the fridge the least.
To maximize that sinful luscious-ness of the mille crepe!

From left: French Vanilla, Cafe Latte, Chocolate
Yummy Humble Beginning's French Vanilla.

Mine, served with a shot of expresso.
Coffee and cake... what a blissful life I live ^^

Cafe Latte and Chocolate

Cousin's chocolate one
I tried my uncle's and cousin's Cafe Latte and Chocolate one, but
French Vanilla is still my favorite. :)

Layers and layers of goodness!

Good things are meant to be shared!

For their full menu, you can check out their website (click).

Opening times: 10am to 10pm..
Price: RM9.90+ per slice. Whole mille crepe: RM72+ (regular) and RM92+ (large).
Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe
30, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (next to Subway)
Tel: +603 2282 8035

Tell me if you're heading there, I want to come along too hehe. :)

Till I learn how to bake mille crepes!


  1. Thank you for the sharing! Tried the one at Nadeje but I've always looking for a better one.

  2. I love the french vanilla the best too. The other flavours just didn't make it for me....