Malaysian International Gourmet Festival 2012 @ Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

On Friday, my uncle, aunt, dad, bro and I dropped by the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2012 which was held in the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.
Previous years back, my dad has been the one going to the festival, returning with lots of pasta / olive oils / chocolate LOL. This is my first time attending! :)

Booklets of 10 tokens (RM50 each)

Example of little samples from each hotel restaurants!!

Beer samplers

Nice decor

Gorgeous candle centerpiece spruces up the environment there.

Chefs hard at work

So pretty

Beautiful displays to showcase their specials

Yam chips! Looks cool.

Desserts EVERYWHERE :)

Dainty chinese bites.

Here are some of the little tasters my family sampled that day: -

Wild Mushroom Risotto
Wild Mushroom Risotto
Was craving some risotto :P
The smell was absolutely heavenly, with all that truffle aroma. Cooked on the spot! Mmmm.
By The Olive, Resort World Genting. 1 token.

Pretty presentation! I like :)
Cajun marinated tiger prawns and seared scallop, romesco sauce. 
This was alright I guess. Just tasted like seafood on tomato paste lol.
But the scallop was moist and yums.
By Qba Latin Bar & Grill, Westin Hotel. 1 token.

Cold Inaniwa Udon with Soba Sauce
It simple and refreshing, but probably easy to replicate haha.
Ikura and udon served cold with crunchy cucumber bits was a nice combo!
Sagano, Renaissance Hotel

Nom, nom, nom.....

Front left : Marinated razor clam, seaweed and chilli salsa
Love the texture :) Cold dish done right hehe.
Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel.

Back: Wine-braised Beef Ribs with Gorgonzola Polenta
I'm not too big a fan of meats lol so this was okaay.
Prego, Westin Hotel.

Chef Wan was there demonstrating how to cook a yummy laksa.
I GOT TO TRY IT wheeee :)
It was good. To imagine it's just demonstration food!!
His beef rendang was amazing as well. Heh. Now we completely understand why he's ambassador for Malaysian food.

Curries and Spice!
Ikan Bakar Percik Serai Wangi, Sambal tymis udang petai ubi kayu, Gulai itik buah kedondong
This was the most exp at 3 tokens. My uncle absolutely loves it. I think he got 2 boxes? Haha :)
The duck was reallyyyy yummy tho :)
Enak KL Restaurant

Korean Beef Japchae
Beef Japchae
This was kinda ordinary, just something you would find in a typical Korean restaurant lol.
But I do like Japchae hehe ^^
I had the bibimbap in the background as well. Pretty yums!
Onsemiro Korean Dining

Sorry for the lousy quality! Pictures from Xperia Arc. Lighting was really dim there.

Rolled beef over Truffle Rice Ball

The beef was so juicy and well marinated. I didn't get to try the rest of it because my brother ate it all =___= but it was yummy! With the shiso lear there too!
Ten Japanese Fine Dining

Another helping of delicious wild mushroom risotto ehehehe.

These two was amazing! My dad didn't think they were too impressive but I loved it :)
Szechuan Spice Hot Pepper Wanton
Filled with juicy prawn-seafood paste and full of fragrant chili oil aroma.

Crispy Black Fungus and layers chicken, 'Zi Kong' chili vinegar oil Dressing
Texture heaven. :)
I went back for a 2nd helping and the chef gave me 3 pieces. :D
Five Sen5es, Westin Hotel.

Roast Pumpkin Soup with Bresaola and Parmesan
Warm chocolate espresso fondant with chocolate, hazlenut and coffee tartufo ( OMG what a mouthful!)
and the beef ribs previously mentioned
All from Prego, Westin.

Macarons and yogurt+star anise+mint.
To end the day with sugar! :)
The Pomelo, The Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat
(BTW you all should check out this little gem of a place in Ipoh! SO GORGEOUS. CLICK . )

Next post : The food hall exhibition next to it.

Till I burn off all those calories T____T

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