Hot and spicy night @ Home

Quick post!
Had lovely, yummy homecooked sambals, curries and BBQ Bulgogi beef(huh?!!) yesterday night for dinner cooked by my dearest mummy.

OMG with such a feast of spicy-ness I was piling on loads of rice to counter the heat.
But it was undeniably SO GOOD. :)

Masala mini bittergourd.
The bittergourd are sliced, emptied of the insides, and scrubbed + rinsed with salt water.

Then add : Ikan bilis + curry powder + a dash of thai chili sauce for sweetness.

Hot sizzling wok!

Petai prawns :) Spicyy

Curry chicken cooked with yogurt. So fragrant!

Bulgogi marinated by Eddie jiujiu
He even brought his pan to sizzle it for us! Look at that marbling...

Full spread!

I love my mummy's cooking!
So lucky to have a foodie family as well.
The food standard at home is already so high ehehe. :)

Till the next update.

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  1. That's a lovely home feast there. Love the preparation of the bittergourd. Must make it soon or get MIL to make it:D