Bijou Bazaar, Publika

On the 4th of August, and for the first time ever, Charis and I participated in a bazaar!
A bazaar by Bijou Bazaar to be exact. This bazaar organizer has been around for the longest time and  is pretty well known. At least we could be assured of getting traffic. Haha :)

We were given two choices of bazaar areas to choose from and here were the Bijou bazaar rates :
1. Prominent (RM150 for a day)
2. Corner (RM100 for a day)

The prices were okay I suppose, but the area provided was only 6x6. Which is REALLY, REALLY small. But luckily that day, they spaced the vendors out so it was less tight.
We paid for the prominent slot. However, our slot was behind the Proactiv store and wasn't really "Prominent" as suggested by the area choices. :(
Despite paying the same price as the other vendors, they had their booths at clearly larger traffic locations. Unfortunately, Charis and I didn't raise this issue to the organizers because they seem to be running all around the place. Ah wells. Hope this doesn't happen again!

My uncle who offered to transport us there! The boot was filled to the brim.
Selling off all that impulse purchases!


One of my reasons for joining this bazaar is for publicize my blogshop and for Cha & I to clear our wadrobe. (Which we successfully did, yay!)

Bunting leading to our booth.

Some of the items sold.
Some examples of the name necklaces for customers to touch and feel.

Oh! And I had this crazy impromptu idea to attract more people to our booth by having a lucky draw.
It worked. So if you were to participate in a bazaar, lucky draws DO attract people! After all, nothing for them to lose, and more to gain for you!

The grand prize was a free customized name necklace from GlamTags, of their choice.
One lady was lucky and got it! 

Yes yes my cute vendor buddy Charis Wong Pik Yue.

This is about 3/4 of the clothes we sold. Most of the nice ones got sold off early :)

From a different angle.

My dear BFFs. Cha & Nabs ^^

Yay! Abi dropped by! :' )

 And here are some pics of what the other vendors were selling at Bijou Bazaar :-

Was SO TEMPTED to buy these lovely handmade rainbow dreamcatchers!

Hmm, wished we could have gotten a booth along this stretch. :(

Oh, then around 10pm when we were closing up,
this family wiped out most of our stocks. WOOTS. :D
The whole area was in a frenzy as most vendors started to sell off their stuff at cheaper prices to clear em out.

Look at how happy they are, all that bargains! (Ignore my retarded expression.)

Random camwhore with Cha!
One good thing about where our booth is located is the huge mirror outside Proactiv.
People could "try" on clothes and check it out with it. Haha :)

Below : My stubby fingers, manicured by Cha the night before.
Pictured with the Infinity Ring :D
Quite a number of people inquired about that. Guess it's hard to find Infinity Rings in Malaysia! (Or it costs a bomb here.)

Till there is more bazaars in KL!
Cheers :)


  1. Very entrepreneurial of you and yr friend, Chiee! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you :)

  2. Haha, we just wanted to clear our wardrobe to make room for more clothes :P But thanks Carmen! <3