SMK BUD(4)'s Canteen Day/Carnival 2012

Having graduated high school 2 years ago, I've not set foot in SMK BUD(4) for quite awhile.
The last time I did enter the school was for the the Goin' Old School Photo Exhibition in early 2011.

I guess it's mostly because
1. There's nothing for me to really go there for (lol.)
2. Busy with A-levels

After hearing about how much SMK BUD(4) has changed since then from Adrian (who is currently in Form 5) I'd decided to go check it out for myself. And he was absolutely right!

Having slept late the night before, I woke up a little later than expected lol. My mom was expecting a new wadrobe from Ikea so I either had to wait till it has come, and she'll send me at 1.30pm , or I walk there myself. The carnival is surely to end by then, so I decided to take the walk lol.
It was around 11.30am when I reached school.

" Did you fly here or something!? "

Yes. Yes I did, Abi. :P

Then I meet up with pretty Abi who has not changed since 2 years ago.
Upon entering Tapak Perhimpunan, we bumped into Andrew, Felix and Wong Seng. But they were just about to leave lol.

We looked up and saw this...

Tapak perhimpunan now has a roof!
It's much more darker than it used to be :(
But it's definitely shadier...

I still prefer the old tapak perhimpunan without the roof eventho it might be hotter.

Crowd at 11.30+am

 This year's carnival is definitely a whole lot smaller compared to the one held when I was in Form 4.

The usual cakes and cookies for sale.

I bought a pack of 6 of those fudgy brownies for only RM2!

There were a lot of "Nail Parlours"too haha.

Lucky draws for good quality bicycles! The last time I was at the carnival, JieTson won one and gave it to me. Haha!

Could the only reason why the guys were doing manicures be because they were serviced by the cute Blitzerz cheerleaders? :P

Bumped into our favorite English teacher, Pn.Karamjit! :))

During the carnival during my Form 4, it was called Moonbucks. xD
I ordered a Ribena Slushie for RM4. It was pretty good hehe.

Ribena Slushie. Perfect for the hot weather!

Reminds me of the good ol' days...

Then, we went into a class that had exotic animals!
It was RM4 per polaroid taken with the animal. I took picture with the cute looking skink! :))

So cute! :)

But the animals do look kinda stressed, especially since the kids were just shoving them around trying to scare their friends... :(

Fried Oreos!


Miniature Golf game
Abiiiiiii <3 :)

There was this game where we had to catch fishes in that little bucket using a spoon.
But they gave me a cup instead (lol what?)
The fishes swim so fast.... I didn't really want them so I gave it back to them. Haha.


Fun water games!

Haunted House! The queue was way too long so we skipped it...

PS2 games like at every carnival event lol.

Bought RM20 worth of coupons and still managed to bring home these... and those cookies were SUPER DELICIOUS.

Perfect crumbly cookies~

With Abi! <3

Despite arriving at the carnival before noon, the selection of food has already wiped out greatly. :(
Most of the stalls were selling cookies, cakes and drinks but no " real " food, if you get what I mean...

So off we went to Jusco for some sushi.

Matching crochet flower clips! :))

Thanks Abi for being such a wonderful companion throughout! :D
Gonna continue to update regularly now.
Stay tuned. Sleepover post soon. :)

Till I eat all that delicious cookies,

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