Sleepover @ Charis's

Leaving off this post, Nabs and I head to Charis's house for the sleepover! :)
Cha and I dyed each other's hair ^^ And Nabs helped both of us ehehe.

A few days before this, both of us were stalking beauty blogs for Liese reviews and scratching our heads deciding which color to choose. Our hair are completely pure and have never been dyed before lol. Mine is jet black whereas hers is a darker brown. Probably do a review next time? Haha :)

T'was a sleepless night with lots of laughter, camwhoring and gossiping hehe.
And eating Korean Ramyun in the middle of the night! :)
It was fun playing hairstylist for each other :P

The following morning all of us had trouble waking up. (Not like that's unexpected anyway, lol)
We followed Charis to her early morning piano class :) then off we went to Cheer 2012.

Yay! Love my bffs forever. Woot de lol. ^^

Till the next sleepover!
tooodles :)

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