Ben's @ Publika

Hello lovelies!
Anyways, after bowling with my college mates on that Friday, my family and I went off to Publika to have lunch with Nabilah before heading to Charis's house in Shah Alam.
My parents head to the food court leaving Nabilah and I to take our pick for dinner.

It was Nabilah's first time at Publika, so I showed her around.
Always love the quirky art displayed everywhere! No surprise why the place always seems to be the talk of the town amongst artists and buzzing with art-related events.

Traffic was surprisingly good that day, despite it being a Friday night.
The mall was still relatively empty.. exception being the restaurants and famous food court.

I've always wanted to try Ben's, so we headed there.

(Above) Yummy selection of cakes to greet us. You might recognize them from Plan B. Look at that gorgeous toffee pecan banana stack there, middle row, 2nd from left.
I was considering having that but Nabilah said there's other desserts on the menu I should consider trying first.

(Left) Part of the menu. Click to enlarge!

Finding a seat at Ben's was quite a challenge.
 The place was packed with people! 
Many tables were also reserved. We had no choice but to sit outside.

Refreshing lychee and watermelon frostie to counter the heat outside. Lol.

 (Left) So... this is how I look when I take photos for foodies on Instagram. Lol! 
Follow me @chiqess. :)

Asian-Style Golden Softshell Crab
spaghettini tossed in creamy butter sauce, with chilli padi, crispy curry leaves, soft-shell crab & chilli flakes (description from website, haha)

It was quite a nice fusion dish!
Some might dismiss places like Ben's or Plan B having "Malaysian-ized" taste, but I feel that some of their fusion dishes do harmonize nicely. :) 
I liked how the curry leaves reduced the cloyness of the butter sauce. 
The crab itself was pretty mehh. Chilli padi added an oomph to the pasta, but Nabilah avoided it like bugs lol.

We only shared one main because we wanted to save stomach space for desserts! 

( Exactly like how my dad predicted we would. Both me and Nabilah have a severe addiction to desserts lol. )

 (Left) Cute table topics!
Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae & Berry Pavlova Sandwich (Front)

YAY! Desserts!
The desserts took absolute ages to come :(
Even longer than it did for our pasta. But it was really yummy. :)

We had the Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae
which was ice cream with caramel and macadamia cheesecake chunks.
It was so, so, so sinfull omg. Look at all that cheesecake chunks!

I was quite surprised they would give so much macadamia for a price of RM11.90. 
Most dessert places would probably give half the amount they had there for, maybe, above RM20 or something. It was really filling though, could be enough to make a meal, haha.

The Berry Pavlova Sandwich was simple and sweet, but kinda hard to eat.
I still preferred the mini ones found in The Apartment, but this is decent enough to satisfy a pavlova craving. 
Unfortunately, time spent exploring the mall left us little time to savor our dinner as
 my dad keeps rushing us to go (and avoid getting stuck in Shah Alam's dreaded rush-hour traffic) 

Ending this post with a picture of the lovely cheesecake sundae. 
Look at all that macadamia!

More updates on the sleepover coming soon!
Stay tuned. :)

Till I get to eat more cakes.
(The pictures made me drool.)



  1. So jealous at how good your photography skills are. You made me hungry and craving for something sweet to eat! :3

  2. * Sends Abi virtual dessert to nom on *