December Approaches

Time flies..

AS is finally completed, and the number of familiar faces I've always noticed around (my tiny, tiny) college campus slowly diminishes. Guess that's what you get for being in a college of only Pre-U programs of 1 to 2 years! I'll miss loads of them. Also wished that I got to know them better..
Nevermind, as long as those sweet memories remain.
Soon, everyone will be heading to university and going for their dreams;
Me? No different. Except it seems to me that everyone has such a clear-cut future paved out, and I am still uncertain.
Uncertain of what the future holds. Uncertain of what to pursue for tertiary education. Uncertain of ... myself.
And. At this point of life, everyone asks the same question.
" What are you going to study ah?" " Where ah?"
" I'm not too sure.."
Le sigh.

On a lighter note,
I'm turning 18 in 3 days! OMG!
( p.s : Paypal and bank acc. will finally allow fund transfers. All hell will break loose upon activation... ASOS.COM, here comes I! )

Oh well, it's gonna be real hectic from now onwards till the end of college as there's only something like 9 weeks to complete the entire A2 syllabus. Gasp.

Oh! And my class got some new classmates, they seem quite friendly. Hmm. :)

Till my birthday.