3 Months [Picture Heavy]


Hello dear readers!
Sorry for my long absence in the blogosphere. I've not been free for ages.
..And when there's the time to relax, I don't feel like blogging. Or at least, I "blog" on Tumblr. Hehe.

Oh. And I deactivated my FB. It's been over a month now..

In the span of 3 months, so many things happened.
It's impossible to recall every single detail.. but yeah.
Ups and Downs, that's for sure!

Here's some pictures because every picture = 1000 words. You do the maths! :P
( Lacking some though, due to no FB, haha. )

* Not in any particular sequence *


Beautiful Sabah!


With JFH committee @ WIP, Bangsar.

Not everyone was present though. :\

Was so stuffed and full afterwards!
Good company + good food. :)

Sorting our last batch before hiatus. We'll be back on 22/11!

Oh, lovely salmon at Lafite..

GROUPON Discount Skating with my lovelies. :D
Shuffy, Jo & Paul. I LUFF THEM! <3
Ah, the comic club. :') Where art thou, Lilian?

Jog for Hope 2011.
Will blog about it after exams! :)

Didn't sleep that night because I had to design and print these tags last minute ahaha.

ShuYi ShuYi ShuYi! :D
We. so. exhausted.

Outing with some classmates @ 1U. :)

USAPPS 2011 . It was amazing, 'nuff said.

Sri Cempaka's Seussical Play. The costumes and design were really extravagant!
My bro played Yertle the Turtle. (Yes, I lol-ed that he auditioned!) x)
As usual, Sri Cempaka comes out with great plays. :)
But, honestly I prefered last year's Beauty & the Beast.

+ Wondermilk cafe opened in Solaris Republika! ZOMG.
On one fine day, out of the blue, Carmen told me there was this cute cafe selling cupakes there in Republika. But she couldn't recall the name. Then I asked, "is it wondermilk cuppacakes?"
"Something like that" she replied.

Then, we went there.

Pretty interior with pretty cupcakes.

Uncle Jang Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara.
We were cravin' for Korean food.
Andy Park brought us here!
We were probably the only table who weren't Koreans (cept him lah).
Really yums. :D

Heh, they are too cute.

Why the look, Sam? LOL

Random pictures I found:

One of the college lunches. HAI CARMEN CHEOK! :D

Movie timeee. Hai Daniel

Iklil Iklil

Iklil Iklil Andy Andy. I like this pic!
Yar I cropped my unflattering face out. :)

Last but never least. Pianoooooooooo :)

Anyways, gotta go study.

Till the 22nd of November (Last paper for AS!)

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