Mid-march already?!

College mates. :)

I thought this blog would be very much revived in 2011.
But, nawh.
Everyday's been really hectic.. it's so hard to come home without feeling like a total zombie.
Guess they were right about A-levels being really fast paced!

It's kinda overwhelming that so many things have happened this year. And it's just the beginning! Oh myyy. And just today, I've decided to drop Physics.
Well. Actually I've never intended to take it for A-levels....Just looking at the Physics syllabus kinda scares me. It just happened that my mum convinced me to try it out first, and so did the counselors at TCSH.
My wake-up call (to drop it) came in the form of a impromptu Pop Quiz. All the guys finished the paper asap whereas I was still trying to digest the questions. Kinematics; Y U DO THIS TO ME?! ;\

Okay, so anyways..
Haven't been doing much lately besides college & handling my business. Occasional outings are planned, but not that many as the hols! :'o

Some random pictures from college:

@ Bravo. The snooker/foosball hangout place of TCSH-ians
Iklil & Carmen are becoming pros! I'm too noob so I just snap pics. :)

The guys are so hardcore with their pool too! Hahaha.


edit : Blogspot just totally failed on me. Posted a really long ass entry but it ended up loggin off. Le sigh. What you are reading here is about a quarter of what I've intended to publish. Pisssed lar.

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Will blog about it some other time. ♥

Till I become immune to the weather on campus grounds.


  1. You dropped Physics so you're taking 3 subs now or you replaced it? :P

  2. Hey Abi! :)
    Nawh. I'm only taking 3 subjects now. It was never really my thing anyways haha.