Chasing rainbows

I'm now at my college, using the computers here.
There's a UK education fair outside and it's buzzing with people. Noise.
That's why I'm here instead of (attempt) studying.

I feel kind of guilty now, because some customer's orders were delayed..
They needed to get the accessories early, as birthday presents. But I did clearly say that the waiting time is between 3-5 weeks. It usually arrives within 3.5 weeks. Usually.
But this time, it didn't. :(( OMG. Because of that, I'd probably have to compensate with something. Not that I'd mind actually, just that I don't want to leave a bad impression!

Hmm. Okay, since I have time now, I'd just elaborate on why I decided to open a blogshop.

1. Creative Output
- It combines what I enjoy doing; all rolled in one - Writing, Graphics, Marketing, Photography, Advertising, PR.

2. Prove to parents
- That I can handle a business completely by myself. To be quite frank, my parents were actually against the idea of me having my blogshop. They were afraid it would be too time consuming/mind-hogging. They thought I would ditch my studies/become a college dropout because they thought I would be immature and decide I would like to continue and do this in my future. Please; It's far from that. What they didn't know, is that; by opening this blogshop, I've opened my eyes to the world of business (albeit just online). I've learnt so much dealing with various sorts of people; be it demanding customers or unreliable suppliers. It really, REALLY isn't as easy as it first seemed. Am proud to say this blogshop is wholly created and sustained by my own hard work and ideas. Well, my parents helped with the transport(sending me to the bank/pos office). Pior to this, I've had no experience whatsoever in posting things and handling bank transactions. I guess they helped, in that way. :)

3. Money
- Well, this is a business, right? :p

4. For my CV
- Made a brand of my own at 17! *syioks sendiri*
Ivy Leagues, PICK ME.

5. A fulfilled wish
- Ever since young, I've always been kind of bothered that no one could spell/remember my name. Shall elaborate why in a different post. Bottomline is that, it helps when I could wear a name necklace! :) Been wanting to get one ever since I was a preteen, ... saw my friend wearing one. It was from PohKong. It was made of pure gold, so obviously it would be far more expensive. I think roughly above RM800. I wanted to find a place that produced name necklaces, but at a much more affordable price. Not only for me, but for others who would like it as well! Before I started the blogshop, I did my research and tried locating suppliers everywhere. I found some suppliers for the usual clothes/bags, but there are just WAY too many blogshops now selling the same stuff. They get it from the same supplier, of course. I wanted my blogshop to be different I guess. But I think selling clothes/bags would be far easier because stock would be at hand. There would be no need to make previews/designs, rush suppliers etc. It is also far easier to sell as it is more affordable. But then, one would need the start up money too... and there's a much much larger competition out there! I'm going kinda off topic but, whatever. At least I finally opened it on the 2nd day of CNY (Overheard people saying it was a great day for business, LOL!), my blogshop was finally created! Oh lovee.

I suppose I'm done with my rant. Off to break!

Till I gain more knowledge of the business world.

(update : Lol. I think this has gotta be the most self-conceited blog post I've ever done. Well. There's always a first! :P)


  1. You're doing great! The Ivy League will definitely pick you. W-W-WHARTON!