Remember when I said Id'll be updating much less.
Well, yeah. I meant it.
Look at that Cutie Kitty ! My piano teacher gave it to me :)
And my Calender reminds me to study hard. lol

Here's a little photo update.

Edboard had the annual stress-inducing school Photoshoot.
And yeah, the school doesn't hire people to schedule the students.
They get Edboard to do that.

Here's some random class pics. :

Yeh, that's my class, 5 Daisi 2010. :)

And for candid;
there's the usual Photobombing other classes's candid shots. :P

* Following pics stolen from Aiman *

5 Ang.

Candid pic of my class.
Clara you blocked me. T.T

5 Matahari.

As you can see;
the usual peeps photobombing. Whee !

Frozen yogurt.
YES. Frozen yogurt.
From Tutti Frutti !

The funny thing is that;
When I went to the USA,
I bought the frozen yogurt from there, in Great Mall.

At the place, I told my mom I loved that place so much;
that I wished it would come to Malaysia.

AND it did.
Somemore 5 minutes from my house.

Tutti Frutti
@ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

I totally FROYO. :)

Here's how it works.

1. You get a paper cup next to the counter.
2. Dispense the frozen goodness.
3. Add toppings from the topping counter.
4. Weigh it. ( It's rm5 per 100g )
5. Gasp at how expensive it is.
6. Forget how expensive it is, because it's totally worth it.


From Left : Mango, Kiwi, Blueberry, Vanilla,
bottom : Peach, Choc, Original.

My personal favourite flavor :

AVOID : Chocolate, Vanilla.
It's kinda weird tasting. Like .. sour chocolate.

(P.S : Not many know about this;
But you can take those mini plastic saucers to test and try out your flavor first !!! )

Topping counter :

Nata De Coco ( Top 2nd from right )
with Froyo is superb.

Macro shots for fun.

Lol nutrition facts.

Weighing counter.

This is Weinee's not mine. :P

Little brother. lols

Happy MC jiujiu

My cup of Frozen Yogurt,
always end up rm7 - rm9 .

It's the weight lah.

Imagine if an unsuspecting parent brought their super-crazy-excited kids to Tutti Frutti ,
and they dispense like,
totally epic proportions of FroYo;

Each cup of FroYo could add up to rm15 EACH.

When I first saw that Tutti Frutti arrived in Malaysia, TAMAN zomg TUN,
I was so ecstatic, I think I went overboard.

I didn't even bother with asking the price and all.

Guess how much mine costed.


rm 13.

For . Frozen yogurt.
Lol. I could have bought a tub of IceCream with that price.

Anyways. It's so awesome and my dad paid. :)


More doodles on my wooden ruler.

My pretty Michael Kors Wide Legged denim jeans,
with my MNG cream turtle neck,
And my Love-Peace F21 Necklace.

I know my left leg looks distorted. I think I bended my leg.
Whatevs !

Anyways aren't the jeans cute? (:
And my hair have grown. lol

Pretty plant outside my house. (:

Anyways. Won't be updating much.
Farewell peeps. :)

Till I get sick of Tutti Frutti ( Nooo ! ) ,
Bye byez


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