CNY 2010 Overall

Happy Chinese New Year !
May happiness and prosperity fill you this year. (:


There's really nothing much to elaborate on.
Didn't do much.

Just the usual CNY celebration.
Like always, we have the reunion dinner a day before CNY;
Traditionally with the father's side of the family.

My elder cousin YS got his driving licence a day before...
So the whole Leong family looked shackled. ;O
And they came late heh heh.

Uncle CE is in the country Down Under,
so it was only :
The grandparents, My family & The Leong's.

Reunion Dinner
Dinner of the night before new year.

Adult's table.

Kid's table. ( A lot too . )

Hahaha ! My grandpa looks so cute here :D
Little known fact :
My grandparents used to DO BALL DANCING.

And my grandpa was a body builder.
He still has his muscles !!

Kim, YS, & Bro.

A sweet ending - Scrummy Cakesense CNY chocolate cake from my neighbor. (:

1st day

Went to visit the same relatives from my dad's side.
( !!! )
They are also super pro at calligraphy.

Didn't take any more pictures because my battery died on me. :(

Had to endure the 2 hour + ride from KL to Ipoh to visit the relatives of my mum's side.

After travelling from San Jose to Los Angeles in USA,
I no longer feel that the Ipoh ride is long.

Actually, it's good. At least the traffic was moving.

During that ride in US, we had to go through a LONG ride to L.A, and when we actually reached there, the traffic was ridiculous.
It was SO BAD ;
KL traffic seems to be like, some sorta blessing .

What I ate for breakfast ! (:
( It's a Raspberry Torte from Just Heavenly, Bangsar Gourmet btw. )

Anyways, at my grandparents ( Mum's side ) house.

My grandma is a devout Taoist so there's this altar in the house.
Incense sticks & the dust in the house = Dusty air
Upon entering the house, the air was so dense we could cut it with a butter knife.

My dad & I has extremely sensitive eyes, so we put on eye drops.
ZOMG I had never had such a stingy eyedrop on me, ever.

I was happy to see my grandparents tho ! (:

& Luckily it was near lunch then,
my uncle Eddie whipped up a FEAST!

A full fledged, guranteed-to-make-you-burst, over 8 courses, fit-for-a-king,

He want us get fatz or something. ._.

Everything was good.

the Sweet & Sour prawns; Fishmaw, Mushrooms & Abalone; Steamed Chicken; Roast Duck, Roast Pork, Roast beef tongue; Steamed Pomfret; & Abalone soup.

whoops, that's about everything! :))

The GUYS in the family are such carnivorous creatures.
At the sight of meat, they go * GLOMP * .

Uncle Eddie doing what he does best !


After the food reached the level of my brain,
I crashed on the couch & watch what my grandma was watching....

haha those cutesy CNY-song-singing girls !

For dinner with the LEONG's.

We went to OVERSEA RESTAURANT, which was pretty popular in Ipoh, as well as KL.
The manager told us we had to make a reservation 3 months in advance just to get a table for Reunion Dinner. ! !!

It's popular because the food is wonderful,
It's dining setting is wide and spacious,
It's relatively NEW,
it's better than the previous restaurants my family used to go;
those that make families stand behind your back to stress you to eat faster so there would get more table covers; thus more customers.

Early, at 6pm+

Reviews and table settings (:

Yee Sang platter counter.

Grandma & Grandpa !!!
( Of mum's side. )
They are super super skinny now...

My parents :)

Getting ready for Yee Sang.

Toss it as high as possible !
Traditionally, for Wealth & Good fortune.

Little brother helping himself.

Sharkfin soup. Lots of crabmeat!
Unfortunately, there were remnants of the crab shell left in the soup.

Crispy garlic & Chili spring chicken.
Juicy. Loved it... but it was gone in less than five minutes.

Fish. It was bony, so I didn't have any.
My grandparents seemed to enjoy it tho.

The most expensive dish outta the lot.
It costed like rm 300 + ? o.O
Braised Sea cucumber, Abalone, & Goosewebs.
These may seem whacky, but they pack a great seafood-ey punch ! :D

Braised pork knuckle with fortune moss, pickles & cabbage.
This was pretty good !
I liked the gravy, and the pickles add a nice texture to this queasy dish.
But I didn't touch the meat itself, since my uncles enjoyed it more. (:

The crowd starts to come in...

Simple fare of assorted mushrooms, tofu, and greens.

The last order - Deep Fried Suckling pig.
I'm not so much of a meat eater so I left it to the guys.
( Again! )

But my MC jiujiu claims the suckling pig @ Elcerdo is better.
Maybe ? haha.

And we did not get to go Indulgencez this trip !
* Beremoz *
It was packed, so they had to turn people down.
I missed their awesome brownies.

Anyways, that kinda sums up my CNY trip this year.
Kinda boring, right? Didn't actually travel to many places, that's why.

I guess it's back to doing school work.

[p.s : I can do Geometrical Progressions faster than Amanda Phuah now ! tee hee.
No lah, I bet she will catch up eventually.

Till I get more angpaus ( HOPEFULLY ! ) ,
新年快乐 ! (:

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