It's the 2nd week of February...


They've been my classmates since FOREVER;
And are both awesomely nice peeps.


Our game plan.

Ace SPM -> Take IB -> Go Yale/ Cambridge Uni -> INTERSHIP @ VOGUE -> Job of Dreams

Except the Vogue part. Maybe not... (;


It's a weekday and I'm not supposed to be on the comp.
he he. Will update PROPERLY during weekends, like always.

Apparently blogging helps in writing.
... and also de-stressing ?

Need to find some other way to do so;
confiding in food is only temporary;
And the after effect is definitely more devastating.

What am I stress about? Well. A lot of things.
But I won't reveal it until the event is over.
It's best to be anti-conflict.

Oh. And my mum trimmed my fringe for me yesterday.
Gosh ! Why did you guys notice ? -.-
I know it looks funny. It'll regrow eventually ...


Got a day-pass from the school;
went promoting colour house shirts with Daniel.
Like, going class to class. But I only did form 3.
And after we're done,
I actually went back the class,

And Nabs was upset she wasn't given the day-pass to promote the Ts,
awh. :(
Unlike the others..
I was the only person given the day-pass that actually returned to class.
The others really maxed it out. haha

Tomorrow there will be a Chinese New Year celebration in school !
Weirdly, our civics teacher asked us to set up booths of the various multi-cultural festivals of Malaysia.. CNY is one of them. There'll be Hari Raya, Christmas, Deepavali, & CNY.

The group i'm in is in charge of Deepavali a.k.a Diwali.
At least it'll be really colorful ! (:

Okay, if you get me.. i AM ranting.

Anyways, here's a little something I kept in Blog Drafts, since like, 10 months ago !

It's actually a famous peice by Debussy...
but Walt Disney, being the genius that he is;
made this into a small scene for the movie Fantasia.

But this was a cut off... so it won't appear on screen.
Even if it isn't the same piano piece I've grown to love,
this is awesome too. :D

Till I stop gorging on cookies,

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