Birthday wish list

2.12.09 Wed

Oh come on, everyone covets stuff. (:
No exception am I.

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my 2 cents are well .. 2 cents, nothing of much worth

Scroll down till you reach my list ! :D


Frankly, I think gifts matter.
Not in the item itself, but what goes into it.. It kinda reflects how much you appreciate and care for someone; and to put in effort into showing someone that is just wonderful. When I mean gifts; not necessarily am I referring to the whole
diamonds-gold-precious-stone-encrusted-ferrari-wrapped-in-silk-and-placed-on-a-monstrous-sized-silver-platter sorta thing... but merely what comes from the heart. Everyone knows materialism is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly. Any so-called material thing that you want is merely a symbol: you want it not for itself, but because it will content your spirit for the moment.
Honestly I love love cards. You know, the homemade scrapbook-y kind made from hours slaving on the table. ( Just for me? awww )
okay sure, you all know I'm kidding. Please, i'm not worth all those efforts. I remembered once a friend of mine gave me something cheap for my birthday.
When I meant cheap, I mean that it is something she gave without much thought into. I splurged on her birthday present; not only did she pick a cheap one, she
shared it with my other friend.
I know it's suppose to be
the thought that counts, right? But honestly, it just made me feel worthless, like she couldn't be bothered to choose me a decent gift.
She's actually a close friend of mine, I thought she would have known be better. All the trips to the malls, all the advice sharing, ... Yeah, I had expected something more from her. I'm not fussing over the value of the gift. It's just that, hey, you knew me better. With that price you know I would have rathered something else, like - a tub of ice cream. Like I said, you know me. Maybe I take back what has been said about you knowing me; because clearly, that doesn't show. No initiative to make a card either. :'( More of sad that , your thoughtless gesture made me feel like a wasn't worthy of a present, not worthy of your time, not worthy of even a email greeting.
But I've learnt that, from the bible; to truly give is to expect nothing,
nothing in return. Constantly being a wholesome friend to others doesn't guarantee I will get the same. Maybe karma happens, but who can rely on it? Getters don't get -- givers get. At least God understands that.
Just feeling abit down from remembering that incident. I kinda want to be cared too, know ?
I feel degraded next to my pretty friends; often the unremembered one. This is what happens when you're shy, so peoples, heed this - learn not to be like me.
The shy cycle thing is
vicious, it never ends. Here's how the scenario works - you meet people, but you don't communicate well because you get nervous and avoid awkward moments. The people, on the other hand will just think you're being rude. I mean, how often do people step into the shoes of others before judging? First impression makes a lasting, deep impression ; whether good or bad. If I don't let this go forever will that bitter memory embed in my soul... haunting me everytime it's my birthday. Before you know it, trips to the shrinker will become a routine. Why am I talking about all these? Oh yea, I was conjuring up my birthday wish list. & partly this solemn mood is caused by the death of Daul Kim ; one of the modelling/fash industry's gem. She commited suicide because of being overly stress and pressured by that highly demanding industry, to add more salt to the wound, she has always been depressed and lonely. Rest in peace, Daul. ( p.s : she was the model in the Christopher Kane for TOPSHOP line's advert. ) So, she may be a famous runway model both pretty and smart; but is it confirmed all pretty and smart people are confident?


Not items; but wishes.
- The gift of oodles and oodles of DISCIPLINE ! ( cringes. )
- The gift of time management
- The gift of strutting-like-a-VS-model confidence
- The gift of further appreciation for life
- The gift of optimism. genuine optimism.
- To be shot by The Sartorialist. Hey ! A girl can dreaaaam, aight. (:
- Own a cat. ( Dad :" Yea sure. Sure you can. When you get your own house. =.= )

Materialistic Items !

which I doubt I will get. haha.


Optional extension kit for my Lx-3. The pictures will look DSLR-y stunning. ooo
And imagine me toting this around.

Sho' cute.
* Eyes sparkle *


- Espadrilles

Looking, touching, feeling espadrilles make me drown in my own drool.
Don't know what's espadrilles? Well..
..Espadrilles have been around since at least the 14th century, and they're gaining popularity by the second! That's got to have something to do with them being so cute and classy at the same time. Although they are definitely not formal, theres that lil' quirkiness it gives to an overall summer look. ( Which, in M'sia is perfect. We get "summer" all year round. )

It is basically made of canvas/cotton fabric with soles made of rope or rubber made to look like rope. Usually the wedge is wrapped with jule.

Those cute ones have ones that can be tied up. I got my first one from Roxy.. discounted. I still lovvvee it ! Wore it to Kaki Blue school trip. etc

Here's some eye-candy; that will most definitely break the bank.

These nude patent leather ones are from Jimmy Choo. (:
I heard nude shoes make you look taller. haha

Woaaaah Marc Jacobs reinvented the espadrille by combining it with a heel. Looks abit unbalance tho. Something I would get and place behind a glass counter. lol

shoe pics via &

Some other cute shoes.

How cute are these? (:
Dolce & Gabbana. D:

Studded & Tied up?

These tie up Chloe suede booties is beyond obviously unsuitable for our weather,
but then again; fashion over functionality? tee hee.

Here's the best for last !

I have no idea which brand, but aren't these just sublime? ((:

Look at that architectural mold,
the perfectly placed leather strap with adorable buckles,
the skinny stiletto heel,
complete off with a ;
cotton candy pink glossy patent finish.

Sure, my legs would probably give in and crash within no more than an hour, but..
isn't it so worth it ! . :D

Conclusion : High heels are so divine.
Worthy of feet sacrificing? No doubt. (:


A cat.

Scottish Folds are cuttteee. (:

I want a cat.
I want a cat that is a scottish fold.
I want a cat that is a scottish fold that is from Japan.
I want a cat that is a scottish fold that is from Japan, named Maru.
I want a cat that is a scottish fold that is from Japan, named Maru, that is super kawaii !

Look, here's a video of Maru.

And so adorably curious.
* Makes heart melt *

See. I only want those 3 things. hehe (:


In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to dress in the states.
Sure, it's layers and all... but layers look frumpy and weird if done distastefully.

For the 3 weeks,
I'm only going to be bringing 6 blouses,
2 dresses,
1 formal dress,
5 pair of bottoms,
3 T's for pj's,

and ONE pair of shoes.

.. just my plain pink sneaker-isque keds-like shoes from P&B.
I can imagine how weird it would look with my auntie's classy sand brown trench coat.

Only that
because my purple espadrilles are going to give my feet chills there and I can't wear my Olivia's. And flip-flops are out of the question.
I have no other casual shoe ! :(

So first thing is to head to Ross / Marshalls / T.J Maxx / J.C. Penney and get some awesome kicks ( & bang for buck ) sandals.

And so, why am I bringing so little; you ask.

Because 3/4 of the luggage is to make space for incoming stuff ! (((:
I've already gone >5months without shopping; because there is better deals from U.S.
And the stuff there are more uncommon than what we can find here.

I'll have one entire post dedicated to shopping in the states ! stay tuned.

Some inspiration. haha

Exactly how I feel. Depressingly expensive ! :(

Till I stop updating till such late hours,

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